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Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Diesel: Update

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Volkswagen XL1

The super-efficient Volkswagen XL1, a car that reportedly gets 235 mpg, is expected to show its production face at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which runs from Mar. 7-17. Some reports say it will be in showrooms by late 2013. Spy shots of the car were published on the Internet since as far back as last August, but no authorized appearances have yet taken place, and probably won’t, in order to drum up excitement for the Geneva Show.

Volkswagen XL1: Video

The Volkswagen XL1 is a bit different from other production cars. For one thing, it is something akin to a top-secret government project; very few people have actually seen it. Some spy shots have been duly logged and made the rounds, but the murky, short clips don’t really give a clear view of the super-mileage VW. The concept version of the XL1, which itself has not surfaced for several months, can be seen in the video clip below. The narrators discuss the impact of the unique vehicle on those who first encounter it. Just looking at the XL1, most people agree that it is not a typical concept vehicle, so unusual is its design.

Volkswagen XL1

The XL1 pairs a two-cylinder diesel engine with a 30-horsepower electric motor. The production version, based on spy shots, is expected to be strikingly similar to the concept, and will feature wheel covers, a 7-speed dual clutch, narrow tires, and rear-wheel drive. One of the fuel-efficiency secrets to the XL1 is aerodynamics, with official Volkswagen literature saying that the drag coefficient is a miniscule 0.186, which is unequaled among modern passenger cars. The full wheel covers give the car an odd look, and many other unusual features of the XL1 will likely remain when the new-age VW lands in showrooms.

For more about Volkswagen vehicles, see the automaker’s official corporate website:

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