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Volkswagen e-Golf Data Released

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Volkswagen’s e-Golf

As a lead-in to its appearance at next month’s Geneva Auto Show, Volkswagen’s e-Golf has been getting plenty of media ink, notably for its prospective 109-mile-per-charge range and 5-hour charge time. Boasting a maximum speed of 84 mph and a respectable 0-to-60 mph run of less than 12 seconds, the e-Golf is part of the German auto giant’s latest “offensive,” which includes the introduction of at least seven fresh models.

Volkswagen E-Golf: Video

A little over a year ago, the following video review appeared for the prototype of the Volkswagen e-Golf, then referred to as the Golf Blue e-Motion. The car received unusually high marks for a steady drive as well as a unique regenerative braking system that included cyber lights. Cyber lighting systems are rare, actually almost unheard of, on passenger cars. About 50 years ago, several taxi services experimented with the lights, which begin to flash during deceleration, rather than braking. The e-Golf prototype featured an activated brake light during its regen braking phase, when the car began to slow. The early review of what is now known as e-Golf sheds light on that and many other high-tech features of VW’s venture into electrification.

Volkswagen E-Golf

Unlike rival Nissan Motor Co., Volkswagen has chosen to build its first all-electric car upon an already-famous model, the Golf, which has been a perennial sales star for the German automaker. Nissan’s Leaf, on the other hand, has no combustion counterpart. Like Volkswagen, Ford and Chevrolet created their maiden EV models from cars that were established sales champs, Focus Electric from the Ford Focus, and the Spark EV from the Chevy Spark. The e-Golf is expected to go into production sometime in 2014.

For more information about Volkswagen cars, and especially the Golf, see the company’s main website and Golf-specific site:

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