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Where’s Waldo?

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Waldo public library, that is. Where is it? Waldo is a neighborhood on the south side of Kansas City, Missouri. So typical of this place and its history, Waldo’s tiny city-owned book nook is also home to the Mid-America Electric Auto Association. Practically everything about this area is oddly historical. It saw the first retail gasoline station in Kansas City, as well as the town’s first modern grocery store, so it is fitting that the Waldo public library is now home of the city’s first electric car club. In many ways, Waldo is to the Midwest what the Midwest is to the rest of the country. Normal among the normal. If an electric vehicle culture can catch on here, it can take root anywhere.

Just what are these revolutionaries up to? In typical mid-American social style, they’re hob-nobbing, elbow rubbing, and chit chatting about electric vehicles. What else? They meet the second Sunday of each month at 2 pm, a time convenient for early church attendees. People with names like Ellie and Al and Ralph and Mabel are among the club’s devoted members. MAEAA, as they’re called, even put on a big display at a recent church fair, handed out flyers, and showed off their EV’s to the masses.

Here in corn country, Chevy S-10 conversions are a popular electric ride, as are refurbished classics like Spitfires and VW Bugs. The club’s regular meetings see an occasional Sparrow, a Xebra or two, and a smattering of Rabbits. And no, this is not the city zoo. It’s an electric car club. Seriously, to their great credit, MAEAA has drawn local news coverage from both television and the city’s one and only daily print journal, The Kansas City Star. Whenever they get a chance, these folks beat the drum for electric cars, which is a cause they believe in.

Waldo is not Barclay Square or Brooklyn Heights. Not even close. Nevertheless, every warm body at these meetings cheers like a wild Yankees fan for electric automobiles. Which helps, since the KC Chiefs footballers haven’t won a super bowl in more than 40 years. Find MAEAA homepage at


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