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Honda Micro Commuter Prototype Arrives

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Honda Micro Commuter EV concept car

Honda Micro Commuter EV concept car

Honda announced this week that its newest EV concept, the Micro Commuter Prototype, would be marketed to small families as well as older drivers. With a maximum speed of 50 mph and a range of 37 miles, the tiny transporter uses a lithium-ion battery pack and features a charge time of under three hours. The MCP, according to Honda, has the equivalent of approximately 20 horsepower.

Honda Micro Commuter: Video

The creativity of Honda designers is on full display in this early video of the Micro Commuter concept, when it first started making its way around the auto show circuit late last year. In the clip, you might notice that the older version of the Micro was quite a bit different from the one in the most recent Honda press releases. This is par for the course in the concept car arena, even though much of the thinking behind the car apparently remains the same. With English subtitles, the video is narrated by a Honda spokesperson (in Japanese) who explains the company’s intentions throughout the creation of the Micro. Honda’s family of interchangeable batteries plays a significant part in the entire lineup of the automaker’s concept vehicles, from trucks, to passenger cars, to mopeds. And in typical Honda fashion, the battery packs can be used as power backup for household devices, in most cases.

Honda Micro Commuter EV

The car also features a tablet device, which is powered by solar energy cells that are attached to the roof. The navigation systems and audio functions are accessible by the tablet controls. One of the automaker’s primary goals with the concept was to explore onboard solar power for future models. The car will do initial testing in Japan next year.

For more about Honda cars and trucks, see the Japanese automaker’s official corporate website:

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