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Toyota Prius 2015: Rumors, Guesses and Facts

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Toyota NS4 plug-in hybrid concept car

Recent sightings of an undercover Toyota Prius on the roads of California have fueled rumors that the famous hybrid will not undergo a drastic design change for the 2015 model year. Most industry observers had guessed that the 2015 Prius would look something like the company’s NS4 concept vehicle (see photo). Based on the spy pictures, it looks like Toyota is planning to retain the famous wedge-shaped body. In the video clip below, some of the shots offer a view of the mystery car’s interior. Notice the steering wheel and center console, or rather the lack of one.

Toyota Prius: Video

Rumors aside, the latest spy shots of Toyota’s Prius point to a non-NS4 body style for 2015, if indeed these shots are of a 2015 undercover Prius. Carmakers have been known to play games with the automotive media, so there could be a bit of misdirection or misinformation in these outings by Toyota test drivers. The car in the video above was spotted on the roads of California recently and may or may not be a prototype 2015 Prius. In any case, someone definitely went to a lot of trouble to conceal the vehicle’s details.

Toyota Prius

The spy photos also point to a tri-spoke steering wheel and German-designed instrument panel, if the peeks inside are reliable. Keep in mind that Toyota might be using this prototype to test nothing more than a new suspension or braking system. If that is true, the spy shots are no indication of what 2015 holds for the Prius body design. Other rumors, and educated guesses, point to Toyota using the NS4 design for a new entry into the Prius family, to join the C, V, and the Plug-in models.

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