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Toyota Highlander 2014 Ready for NY Auto Show

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Toyota Highlander (Pictured: 2013 hybrid model)

Toyota Motor Co. announced that it would update its highly successful Highlander SUV for the 2014 model year. The Japanese automaker also revealed that it would show the fresh-faced SUV at the New York Auto Show in late March. The hybrid version of the Highlander has been a big seller for Toyota, which also makes the world’s most popular hybrid car, the Prius. The 2013 Highlander was recently selected as a Top Pick by the editorial staff at Consumer Reports, and has won numerous industry awards in its class.

Toyota Highlander: Video

For a musical, and photographic, tour of the 2013 Highlander, both inside and out, see the video clip below. At its debut in 2000, the vehicle was the first-ever SUV that had been built directly from a car platform, in this case the Toyota Camry. For the first six years of its existence, Highlander was the Japanese automaker’s best selling SUV (until RAV4 came along). Note that the hybrid version of the popular SUV offers both the Entune multimedia system as well as the display audio with navigation as standard features. The hybrid model’s price range is between $40,000 and $46,000.

Toyota Highlander

It is a little known fact that the Toyota SUV is called Highlander everywhere except in Australia and its home country, Japan. After the vehicle made its world debut at the New York Auto Show in 2000, Toyota ran into a trademark issue because Korean competitor Hyundai was already selling one of its Terracan SUVs under the name Highlander. From then on, the Toyota SUV has been called named Kluger in Japanese and Australian markets. Kluger, by the way, is a German word that means clever.
For more about the Toyota Highlander, see the Japanese automaker’s dedicated page for the model:

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