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Tesla Expansion Confirmed

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Tesla Expansion: Inside the Model S

Tesla Expansion: Inside the Model S

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced this week that he plans a 70 percent expansion of the automaker’s retail showrooms during the next eight weeks. Currently, Tesla has 14 retail sales outlets in North America, but this phase of expansion, which will be complete several weeks before the new year, looks to add ten more stores to the total. It is no accident that almost all the new locations, like the existing ones, are in upscale shopping malls.

Tesla: Video

If you are a Tesla fan, or just a car person in general, the following video is a must-see production. Get inside the guts of a Tesla Model S, without the chassis blocking your view. The technician walks through each major component of the car, from the air conditioning system to the electric motor and its individual parts. For Tesla enthusiasts, the clip is two minutes of sheer heaven. For everyone else, it is a truly educational mini-seminar on electric cars.

Tesla Dealership Expansion

After the initial phase of expansion is concluded, Tesla plans on another wave in the next calendar year, building on what will be a worldwide store total of 34 locations at that time. A key feature of each retail locale is the availability of a test-drive vehicle, as well as a Model S on the showroom floor.

Some have compared at least one aspect of Tesla’s business model to the old Saturn technique, namely a no pressure retail method. The goal of Tesla stores, according to the company, is to deliver information to prospective buyers, whether they are serious shoppers or curious passers by. Word has it that Tesla spends plenty of time and research selecting retail locations. Selling upscale electric cars is not the simplest task, but Tesla appears to be taking all the necessary steps to achieve their corporate goals.

For additional information about Tesla Motors, and all the latest news on the company, see the official corporate website:

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