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Subaru Viziv a Game-Changer

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Subaru Viziv plug-in diesel concept

Subaru pulled back the curtain on its Viziv diesel-hybrid concept this past Tuesday morning at the Geneva Motor Show. The company has placed two electric motors with a 2.0-liter boxer diesel engine to show off its “vision for innovation,” a phrase from which Subaru conjured the Viziv moniker.

Company literature on the new model proclaims it to be, “a new design direction…that will take the Subaru brand into the future.” With its lithium-ion battery pack, butterfly doors, CVT transmission, and all-wheel-drive capability, the 4-seater is unlike anything the carmaker has yet produced. The Geneva Motor Show, one of the global auto industry’s most significant expositions, runs through March 17.

Subaru Viziv: Video

Subaru enthusiasts will find much to love in the carmaker’s freshest concept vehicle, now on display at the Geneva Motor Show. As the above video clip mentions, the Viziv diesel-hybrid concept car from Subaru is a sort of styling signpost for what lies ahead, perhaps three, five, or even seven years down the road. The exterior design flourishes and attractive, aerodynamic body are not the surprising facts about the car. Its drivetrain, however, is a very big story, pointing to a future lineup of alternative-fuel Subarus that definitely break the mold for the Japanese automaker. At the Geneva event, specs for the Viziv are scarce. Fuel efficiency, torque, and all the standard laundry list of data are absent. Some interpret the paucity of numerical information to mean that Subaru wishes to draw attention to one key fact about the Viziv, and that is the diesel-hybrid system. Automakers use shows like this one to make all sorts of announcements about their intentions for the near future. Subaru seems to be telling us exactly where it plans to go.

For more about Subaru cars and trucks, see the automaker’s official corporate website:

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