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Saab Electric: It’s a Done Deal

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History: Saab Aero-X concept

History: Saab Aero-X concept

National Electric Vehicle Sweden will use the assets of Saab, which it purchased out of bankruptcy, to make electric cars that will essentially be revamped Saabs in all respects but two: The reborn Saabs will be electric-drive and will definitely not carry the classic griffin logo that was known worldwide to generations of car owners and Saab devotees. The Swedish carmaker lived from 1947 until 2011. In 2009, General Motors, who by then owned a majority stake in Saab, sold the ailing corporation to Spyker, a Dutch sports car entity.

Saab: Video

If you are nostalgic for some of the old automotive artwork, take a quick tour of the official Saab Car Museum in Trollhattan, Sweden, where beauty does not die, uniqueness never faces bankruptcy, and the classic wonder that once was known all over the world as ‘Saab’ lives forever.

Saab Electric: The Details

Officials for NEVS announced that they would produce the first Saab EV cars within 18 months, now that the purchase has been completed. A sticking point in the negotiations apparently had been who would get rights to the logo, among other issues. The first wave of the new electric vehicles will go to the Chinese market. NEVS will legally be able to use the Saab name, sans the griffin, and in fact will be producing the new automobiles from old Saab 9-3 designs.

NEVS itself is owned by Swedish-Chinese entrepreneur Kai Johan Jiang’s company, National Modern Energy Holdings, Ltd. The electric Saabs will be produced in Trollhattan, Sweden, at the old manufacturing plant. During the last decade of its life as an independent company, Saab roiled in financial difficulty, especially in the face of its larger rivals.

For the latest about National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), see the company’s official website:
If you want more information about the Saab Museum, here is the organization’s website:

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