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EV Speed Record Attempt Gets Green Light

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EV Speed: The Buckeye Bullet

The third version of the world famous electric car, the Buckeye Bullet, will attempt to set an EV speed record within the next year. Ohio State University and Venturi are sponsoring a series of events in which numerous speed records are destined to fall. This newest iteration of the car, called the Venturi VBB-3, will try to break the 435-mph mark sometime next year. Before that, the team will shoot for 373 mph as a sort of warm up run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

EV Speed: Video

The Buckeye Bullet is known all over the world. In the short video clip above, it even features in a Japanese coffee advertisement. The ad offers up some spectacular footage of the car doing its thing, namely speeding down a track and looking sharp. What all that has to do with coffee no one knows, but Japanese advertising agencies have always been hard to figure out. Regardless, is you have never seen the Bullet in action, this is a compelling clip.

EV Speed

The Buckeye Bullet will take part is what is formally called the Venturi Global Challenges series. Ohio State University and Venture are working together, as they did back in 2009, in an effort to set a fresh world speed record for electric vehicles. When construction of the car is completed, its 3,000-horsepower engine will make it the most powerful EV in existence.

To learn more about the Buckeye Bullet, visit the website below. While there, you can view numerous videos of the car in action, check out the Bullet Blog, and see some awesome photos of one of the world’s fastest electric vehicles. There is also extensive background data about the history of the car, the team that drives it, and the races in which the Buckeye Bullet has taken part.

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