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Car Honks When Tire Pressure is Right

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Nissan Altima hybrid

Nissan Altima

Those people who are always saying that little things mean a lot are right. Unfortunately, the automobile business is sometimes crowded with hard to understand technology, engine stats, fuel science, and complicated data. So when a really cool, easy to use piece of gadgetry comes along, that’s a good thing. Nissan has come up with just such a marvel of wizardry, and even non-car people seem to enjoy it.

Have a look at the informational video link below, and learn how the new Nissan cars will alert you to low tire pressure. It’s not just the standard dashboard “low -pressure” light either. Far from it. Nissan’s team devised a system that makes putting air into your tires fun.

The system alerts you to which tire, if any, needs air. You stop at the service station, begin filling the tire, and watch the turn signals flash while the pressure is changing. When all is well, and the tire has the exact amount of pressure it needs, the horn honks once. If you accidentally put in too much air, the horn will chirp three times, quickly, as if to say, “Hey, you got carried away with this new tire thing and over-filled. Let some air out, and by the way, no more texting while adjusting tire pressure!”

It’s all a lot of fun, but there is a serious idea behind the concept of air pressure. Traffic safety statistics show that many car crashes are caused by improperly inflated tires, which lead to ineffective braking. Maintaining the right tire pressure is not rocket science. It’s simple, and with this new system from Nissan, there is really no excuse not to maintain safe tire pressure at all times.

For more about all the innovative ideas coming out of Nissan, look at the company’s official website:

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