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Ford Escape conversion, by World CNG

The Ford Escape natural gas vehicle, by World CNG in Seattle, Washington, is one fine piece of work. Cool conversions expertly done are a burgeoning cottage industry in the U.S. The video clip is a basic walk-around format, with short graphic bullet points about each aspect of the vehicle. The shielding work that is done for the CNG fuel tanks is extensive, and impressive. Contrary to popular opinion, natural gas conversions like this one do not have to sacrifice lots of cab space. In World CNG’s job on the Ford Escape, for instance, nearly 90 percent of interior space is retained. Careful placement of the tanks is the key to that effort.

The average cost savings for a vehicle like this one are astounding. Many CNG conversions are done for fleets, and see almost 100,000 miles of driving per year. World CNG’s website details the savings, using a conservative price differential between gasoline and natural gas of $1.90. A taxi that covers 100,000 miles per year, at 25 mpg would save over $7,000 in fuel costs. If you run those comparisons for shuttle buses and transit vans, the savings are even more significant.

Finally, factor in the reality of where oil prices will go in relation to natural gas over the next two decades, and the savings are even more astronomical. Alternative fuel transport for businesses and municipal fleets is really a smart move, which is why so many budget-challenged cities and towns are converting to CNG cars and trucks.

Environmental advocates like the low particulate levels and overall better emission profile of natural gas. World CNG has been in this business for a quarter of a century, long before “green transportation” was the popular buzzword it is today.

For more information about World CNG’s Ford conversions, check out the company’s website, at

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