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Kia Unveils Cross GT Hybrid

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Kia Cross GT hybrid concept

Korean automaker Kia unveiled a striking, copper-colored hybrid concept at the Chicago Auto Show this week. The Cross GT features a sloping roof and an innovative interior design that could become the company’s first foray into the luxury vehicle segment. A V6, 3.8-liter engine propels the gas-electric hybrid, which has the ability to drive for 20 miles on nothing but electricity. The concept features skylights and rear-hinged doors among its many unique styling flourishes. Kia has not released mileage data for the car.

Kia Hybrid Cross GT: Video

Will the Cross GT hybrid concept ever see a showroom floor? Kia officials are not willing to answer that question just yet, but they are happy to show the car off at the Chicago Auto Show this week, complete with its parallel hybrid drive train and striking copper paint job. As mentioned in the video clip above, the Cross GT’s color is both trendy and very attractive. With 400 horsepower and 500 foot-pounds of torque, one has to wonder which of this concept vehicle’s features will first show up on real-life Kia models. The interior styling, with its glass-panel roof and earthy leather seats, is a work of automotive art. Kia could conceivably release this car as-is, but in all likelihood is testing public reaction to several of its aesthetic and mechanical components. As far as hybrid concept cars go, the Cross GT is an excellent product.

Kia Hybrid Cross GT

Packed with technology like headrest-embedded computer screens and touchscreen dash controls, the Cross GT also has leather seats, which provide a bit of old-fashioned styling amid an otherwise futuristic interior ambiance. Many auto analysts consider this concept vehicle a bold move for Kia, who until now has catered to a non-luxury demographic.

For more about the latest from Kia, see the Korean automaker’s official corporate website:

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