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Nissan Terra Fuel Cell: Debut Set

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Nissan Terra fuel cell SUV concept

Nissan Terra fuel cell SUV concept

Each day leading up to the Paris Motor Show’s Sept. 27 media preview, it seems as if one major automaker after another uses these last few days to announce a new concept debut. Today, it is Nissan’s turn, with the unveiling of its incredibly futuristic concept fuel cell, crossover SUV, the Terra. Nissan’s spokespersons say the Terra is solid evidence that the Japanese carmaker is ready, willing, and able to offer a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle once the infrastructure comes online.

Nissan Terra Fuel Cell: Video

For a quick look at Nissan’s latest artistic production, which is all of about one minute long, see the following video overview of the Terra FC vehicle. Some parts of the film were made to look as if they were shot under water to emphasize the hydrogen aspect of the fuel cell electric concept. While there is not much substance to the piece, we do get a preview of some of its systems, as well as the exterior and interior design. Without a doubt, the Terra’s front fascia looks like something out of a science fiction film set in the year 3000.

Nissan Terra Concept

The four-seater features a tough, SUV off-road personality that somehow makes hydrogen seem macho. Terra, the Latin word for ‘earth,’ is maybe the most appropriate moniker for a car that will be fueled by one of the most abundant substances on earth, hydrogen. The Terra’s power train is an oddity too, utilizing the Leaf’s electric motor for front wheel propulsion, but two in-wheel electric motors to drive its rear wheels.

Adding to the Terra’s otherworldly flavor is the Starship-like seating, with the driver positioned at the helm, and the three passengers behind. The Japanese have been out front on hydrogen science recently and this car, while just a concept, could very well make it to real-world showrooms within a few years. Stay tuned.

For more about Nissan, see the company’s global website:

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