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Hybrid Cars Getting Cheaper, Data Reveals

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Hybrid Prius Police Car: "You have the right to remain green."

Hybrid Prius Police Car: “You have the right to remain green.”

As the cost of production for hybrid vehicles continues to spiral downward, automakers are putting their investment and research dollars squarely in the corner of the new technology. Toyota, to cite just one example, will approximately double the number of hybrid models it makes within the next three years. Most importantly, consumers now pay an average ‘premium’ of only $2,500 for a hybrid car, whereas that amount stood at $6,000 just five years ago. Hybrid passenger vehicles are getting cheaper to make and that translates into more units sold.

Hybrid Cars: Video

Fascinating, breathtaking footage of Porsche’s 918 RSR hybrid race car comprise much of the following video clip. Narrated by Porsche design chief Michael Mauer, the short film provides basic facts about the world’s sportiest hybrid car, and dispels a few myths along the way. In fact, as Mauer explains, the 918 is not a successor to the 917, but serves as a symbol that Porsche is still able to design and build the best sports car and racing car. The filmed track scenes speak for themselves. If you like powerful hybrid cars, don’t miss this clip.

Hybrid Cars

For those who have always wondered about the differences among the many types of hybrid vehicles, check out the information site linked below. It gives a solid overall explanation of parallel vs. mild parallel vs. series vs. plug-in engine and motor configurations.

Everyone knows about passenger hybrids like the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius, but what about heavy vehicles like railway trains, cranes, ships, military vehicles and even aircraft? Loosely defined, the term ‘hybrid‘ refers to any vehicle that has more than one power source, but most typically is associated with electric motors paired to combustion engines. For a bit of background about the science of such powertrains and their history, see the following information page:

Larry Bell writes about cars, gadgets, business, and history. He has been a professional writer and editor for over 20 years and enjoys all car-related topics, especially electric and hybrid vehicle news. Larry covers the auto industry for MPA and often reports live from the floor of major shows in Detroit, LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas and elsewhere.

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