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New GM Goals for EVs, Plug-Ins

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New GM Goals: Chevy Spark EV is just part of the picture

New GM Goals: Chevy Spark EV is just part of the picture

GM announced this week that it intends to produce a half-million cars per year which feature some sort of electrical propulsion, whether as all-electric EVs or plug-in hybrids. The auto giant hopes to achieve the 500,000 mark sometime in 2017. The Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid and the soon to be released Chevy Spark EV are two of the more prominent entries in the current lineup. If that strategy holds, GM’s EV and hybrid cars would account for roughly 5 percent of the company’s global sales.

New GM Goals: Video

If you are a Chevy Volt or Focus EV fan, the following video link will likely answer some of your questions. Mr. Energy Czar is one of the better alt-fuel gurus on the Internet these days, and in this episode of his popular series, he answers viewers’ questions about the Volt, Leaf, and Focus EV. The questions are succinct and to the point, as are the answers. His discussion about the Volt battery warranty and duplication of the drivetrain is excellent. Many car owners do not realize that Chevy Volt’s battery warranty is at least 8 years and 100,000 miles, but runs up to 10 years and 150,000 miles for California residents. You may or may not agree with Energy Czar’s opinion about liquid-cooled batteries, but he lays out his explanation quite well. Worth the three minutes for sure.

New GM Goals

In 2012 alone, General Motors sold more than 50,000 cars that used one of several electrical propulsion systems, whether hybrid, EV, or eAssist. The spokesperson pointed out that GM’s main electrification strategy is centered on plug-in vehicles. The company’s eAssist systems will be on several hundred thousand cars by 2017, according to GM.

For the big stash of information about one of the world’s largest automakers, see the official General Motors corporate website:

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