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Insider’s Look at Ford Fusion

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Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid

Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid

The Ford Fusion is an eternally versatile car, and comes in so many different permutations that there seems to be something for every taste. Besides the well-known hybrid model, there is the EcoBoost, the standard model, and the upcoming Energi Plug-In. The extremely informative video clip below is the ultimate walk-through, conducted by Ford’s chief of the model line. The Ford Fusion, as you will see in the clip, has all the bells and whistles of any top-notch hybrid vehicle, like regenerative braking, start-stop technology, and aerodynamic design.

The hybrid is meant for city driving, where it can run in electric mode at lower speeds. The transition to gasoline power, when necessary, is unnoticeable. The MyFord touch screen display shows the energy flow diagram, allowing the driver to keep track of the vehicle’s four operating modes; hybrid drive, electric drive, gasoline, and idle charging. The display also gives data on instant and average fuel economy.

The EcoBoost version of Ford Fusion is a four-cylinder engine with turbo charging, direct injection, and independent variable cam timing. These three combine to enhance performance and fuel efficiency.

The plug-in hybrid model will not be available until early 2013, but is expected to be a big seller, as it combines all the great technology in the current hybrid Fusion with the ability of the driver to hook up to a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet and charge the battery. This will greatly extend the distance that the Fusion will be able to drive while in all-electric mode. Whenever the battery is depleted, the Fusion will revert to functioning as a normal gasoline-electric hybrid.

The Ford Fusion plug-in looks to become one of the company’s most popular offerings in many years, along with the Focus Electric, which will see showrooms at about the same time.

For more about the Ford Fusion hybrid, see the company’s official website for the car:

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