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Hybrid Sales Up 61 Percent in 2012

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Hybrid Sales (Pictured: Ford Fusion Hybrid)

Hybrid car sales in the U.S. rose 61 percent in 2012, compared to 2011. Total hybrid vehicles sold hit the 1.35 million mark, with a full 20 percent of those cars accounted for by Toyota alone. The Japanese automaker’s Prius is the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the world and in the U.S. While Ford and General Motors each accounted for about 2 percent of total hybrid sales, GM’s Chevy Volt enjoyed a 200 percent sales increase over 2011’s numbers for the hybrid-electric award-winner.

Hybrid Sales: Video

For a thorough review of one of the hottest mid-size sedans which also happens to be a hybrid, see the video clip above. For about five minutes, you will be introduced to the sleek Ford hybrid which appears to borrow a bit of styling from an unlikely classic. Ford intentionally designed the car to look unlike the Toyota line of hybrids, known for their wedge-shaped appearance and obvious hybrid image. With a base sticker of just over $27,000, the Fusion’s front grille is reminiscent of another car that was once a Ford product, the Aston Martin. Boasting 47 mpg on both the highway and city streets, the Fusion also sports an interior as modern and classy as much more expensive sedans. The seats are made from recycled materials yet offer a high level of comfort. Though Toyota clearly dominates this market segment, Ford’s Fusion is a worthy competitor.

Hybrid Sales

Plug-in hybrid car sales are showing improvement, but because they are still relatively new are able to make up only about one-third of one percent of the hybrid totals. As opposed to just five years ago, most large automakers now offer hybrid vehicles of one type or another.

For more about Ford cars and trucks, as well as the Fusion Hybrid mentioned above, see the automaker’s official corporate website:

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