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Hybrid Sales Up 73 Percent

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Hybrid Car: Toyota Prius Plug-In

A new study from research and analysis agency Mintel shows that hybrid, plug-in, and electric car sales, as a group, are up 73 percent compared to last year’s results. Through the first half of December 2012, almost 440,000 of the vehicles were sold. This is the first year the hybrid and electric segment showed a larger sales increase than last year’s top-selling group, compact cars. Mintel’s research points out that electric and hybrid models for sale to the public quadrupled from 2011 to 2012. By 2017, the forecasters expect hybrid and electric vehicles to account for at least 5 percent of the entire automotive market.

Hybrid Cars: Video

For a quick study on the Ford C-Max Energi, scroll to the video below, in which the reviewer delivers fast facts about the new plug-in hybrid as he drives it. Of special interest is the 100-plug mpg-equivalent, 21-mile all-electric range, and mid-$30,000 price after federal rebates. Most reviewers are saying this car will be a major game-changer for Ford, even in what is becoming a more populous hybrid and plug-in hybrid market. The interior of the C-Max Energi, as the reviewer notes, is surprisingly upbeat and attractive, with plenty of well-placed controls, Bluetooth, rearview camera and navigation system. Prius and Volt will soon be facing formidable competition from this sleek new plug-in entry produced by Ford Motor Co.


Research firm Mintel provides media intelligence, as well as consumer and product data, to the business community. Since the early 1970s, the organization has studied all sorts of global trends for its clients, many of whom are some of the world’s largest enterprises. Mintel has offices in Chicago, New York, London, Sydney, and many other world capitals.

For more about the organization that compiled the hybrid car sales data, see Mintel’s official corporate website:

Larry Bell writes about cars, gadgets, business, and history. He has been a professional writer and editor for over 20 years and enjoys all car-related topics, especially electric and hybrid vehicle news. Larry covers the auto industry for MPA and often reports live from the floor of major shows in Detroit, LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas and elsewhere.

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