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Ford’s EV, Hybrid Dealers Booming

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2013 Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Motor Co. announced this week that it has tripled the number of dealerships qualified to sell its hybrid and electric vehicles. The company now has 200 storefronts that sell Ford alternative fuel vehicles, which will soon consist of C-Max hybrid and C-Max Energi (a plug-in), Fusion hybrid and Energi, and the Focus EV. Ford will very soon be upping the 200-dealership count to something approaching 900 sales facilities. Dealers who want to sell the new cars must go through rigorous training, as do most of their employees.

Ford EVs and Hybrids: Video

Hybrid fans, as well as Ford and Toyota enthusiasts, will thoroughly enjoy the following video clip, which features a match up between two of the better-known hybrids on the market today, the Toyota Prius and the Ford C-Max. Longer than most clips we feature on MyPerfectAutomobile, at just over 11 minutes; the piece really delves into the technological aspect of hybrid science. It also spends time comparing the two cars, especially highlighting the differences between the drivetrains. In an era that seems to be witnessing hybrid-drive vehicles gaining significant market share, this educational competition between two of the industry’s giants is informative, fun, and suspenseful. C-Max vs. Prius. Place your wagers.

Ford EVs and Hybrids

The most recent month for which data is available showed Ford’s C-Max Energi outsell Toyota’s flagship hybrid, the Prius. That fact, plus an all-consuming desire by Ford to dominate the hybrid market, has led the U.S. automaker to devote massive amounts of capital and energy toward getting dealerships ready in every state. Within two years, it is conceivable that Ford will have close to 1000 dealers selling hybrid and electric cars.

For more about all the vehicles made by Ford Motor Company, see the company’s official corporate website:

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