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Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen Battle for Top Spot

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Ford’s electric version of top-seller Focus, the Focus EV

Ford Motor Company’s Focus automobile is expected to outsell last year’s global sales champ, Toyota Corolla, for 2012. Based on data for nearly the entire calendar year so far, it looks like the Focus will sell almost one million units compared to Toyota Corolla’s 966,00 cars. The latest numbers also show Volkswagen’s Jetta coming in at third place in the battle for top-selling car on earth, with about 822,000 unit sales for 2012.

Ford Focus EV: Video

For an objective (non-narrated) look at Ford’s electric version of the mega-seller Focus, the 2013 Focus EV, view the video clip below. Silent, but powerfully descriptive footage of a driver taking a Focus EV for a short spin in city traffic, stopping to perform a quick-charge, and then parking the vehicle. This simple, brief film features detailed up-close shots of the EV’s interior and exterior, control panel, electric port, dashboard, and upholstery. When Ford decided to produce an EV, they wisely chose to base it on one of the world’s top-selling cars, their Focus. This year, the gasoline version of the model is expected to be the number one selling automobile on earth, surpassing former champ, Toyota Corolla.

Ford, Toyota, VW

The Ford Focus is not anywhere near being the top-selling car in the U.S., but like the Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Jetta, it has enjoyed wide acceptance around the world, especially in Asian, European, and South American markets. The year 2012 was something of an oddity as overall sales statistics go. While Asia and Europe were slightly down, the U.S. market picked up so much that it carried worldwide car and truck sales to a milestone of just over 80 million vehicles sold for the calendar year. The U.S. alone accounted for about 20 percent of that total, logging 14,500,000 vehicle sales for 2012.

For more about rivals for the number-one spot in worldwide sales, see the official websites of Ford, Toyota, and Volkswagen below:

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