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Ford Has Fastest-Selling Hybrid in History

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Ford C-Max and C-Max Energi hybrids

Ford Motor Co. has announced that its new C-Max hybrid sold more than any other hybrid car did in its first two months on the market. More than 8,000 C-Max hybrids sold during October and November. In contrast, Toyota’s Camry hybrid sold just 7,300 cars in its debut period of May and June of 2006. Indeed, Ford says its sales numbers for C-Max Hybrid and Energi plug-in show the new entries selling at three times the rate the Toyota Prius did when it was introduced back in 2000.

Ford’s Fast-Selling Hybrids: Video

One of the reasons that Ford has been able to do so well in such a short time with C-Max hybrid is the company’s coordination between engineering and marketing groups. In the video clip below, you will see short interviews with the car’s chief engineer and top marketing executive, both of whom shed light on how Ford looks to compete with its biggest rival in the hybrid sector, Toyota. In range, pricing, engineering, style, and overall fuel efficiency, Ford is already presenting a formidable challenge to the Japanese hybrid king. Note that Ford and Toyota will both face competition from several others in the next couple of years as the hybrid marketplace becomes more crowded.

Ford Hybrids

Ford spokespersons are quick to point out that this new generation of hybrid vehicles is not only fun to drive but also big on performance. Early versions of hybrid cars, which made their debut more than a decade ago, were rarely marketed as “fun” or exciting choices. Ad campaigns in those days emphasized fuel economy almost exclusively. With Ford’s newest hybrid star in the lineup, the company expects the final quarter of 2012 to account for well over half of the company’s hybrid sales for the entire year.

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