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Ford C-Max Energi in MPG Controversy

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Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi

As promised, the Ford C-Max Energi plug-in will deliver the best fuel-efficiency of any plug-in hybrid, spurring Ford Motor Co. into direct confrontation with Toyota, whose plug-in Prius has a lower overall efficiency rating. The Environmental Protection Agency certified Ford’s new hybrid at 108 mpg-e for city travel, and gave the car a combined rating of 100 mpg-e. Those numbers outdo the Chevy Volt by 2 mpg and the Toyota Prius by 5 mpg, launching a market face-off that is expected to become intense.

Ford C-Max Energi: Video

For the full story about both the C-Max hybrid and the C-Max Energi plug-in, the video clip below is made to order. Rather than the standard review format, in this sequence a Ford executive takes questions and spells out all the details about both cars. Notice how many times he references the fact that C-Max Energi will outperform Prius in various categories, especially with regard to all-electric driving range.

Ford C-Max Energi

Ford makes its new plug-in C-Max at the assembly plant in Michigan, the car being a dedicated hybrid with no gasoline-only counterpart. The hybrid market is currently dominated by Toyota, who has a solid 51 percent of the sector, while Ford comes in at about 10 percent of market share. Now that gasoline prices are spiking again, Ford hopes the C-Max will get the attention required to boost its market share.

Most major carmakers have at least one hybrid model in the marketplace, and competition for market share is become more heated, with Toyota, Ford, and GM battling to put their brands, Prius, C-Max, and Volt, in the forefront. Japanese and American carmakers have begun to emphasize plug-in hybrid vehicles more than all-electric ones for the time being, causing some to see the plug-in as the potential ‘car of the decade.’

For more about all of Ford’s vehicles, see the company’s official corporate website:

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