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Tesla Charging Corridor Opens

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors, maker of Model S electric cars, has now opened its Supercharger stations in the eastern U.S. corridor. The cars, which have a 265-mile range with the 85-kWh battery, can now take a driver from Washington to Boston without any range anxiety. The 443-mile trip cuts right through New York City and is one of the most heavily traveled transportation routes in the world. Tesla plans to put more Supercharger stations in the corridor, and intends to provide all the electricity from solar power, eventually.

Tesla Charging: Video

If you are a Tesla enthusiast, or if you just like electric cars in general, you will thoroughly enjoy the following video clip. It simply chronicles a family on the day that they take delivery of their new Tesla Model S. The initial pickup location was at the Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif., after which we see the owners learning the ins and outs of the car with a company employee, who walks them through all the basic operational components of the car. If you are interested in the process, the family made a longer video of the experience, which can be found by viewing their You Tube channel, linked at the bottom of this article.

Tesla Charging Corridor

The 480-volt stations allow a Tesla driver to juice up a Model S in about a half-hour. During that time, the car’s battery can add approximately 150 miles of driving range. The six-foot-tall charging devices are exclusive to Tesla, whose engineers developed a special unit that uses smaller components and thinner cables. In time, Tesla hopes to crisscross the U.S. with the stations, which would allow Model S owners to go virtually anywhere in the continental U.S.

For more about Tesla Motors, plus high-resolution photos of all the company’s vehicles of the past, present, and future, see the official Tesla corporate website:

The complete Tesla pickup video is located at:

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