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Sbarro Hybrid to Debut at Geneva

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Sbarro hybrid sports car (rendering)

Students from the Sbarro design school, Espera, will show a hybrid sports concept car at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Called the React E.V., the moniker does not denote electric propulsion but stands for “Ecologic Vehicle.” Unlike some of the team’s previous projects, the React E.V. is a working model, and is slated to appear in various rallies throughout 2013.

Sbarro: Video

The folks at Sbarro are being rather tight-lipped about the upcoming hybrid concept that will grace the booths of the Geneva Motor Show. For a look at the top-level work the company’s designers put out, see the video clip below, which features a collection of shots from the 2012 Paris Auto Show. Sbarro’s student project car was on display, and is typical of the over-the-top, highly conceptual work that comes out of the firm’s design protégés. The 2013 Espera Sbarro Eight concept looks like something James Bond could be driving in the year 2100.

Sbarro Hybrid

Featuring a pair of electric motors, the React also carries a Peugeot V6, 210-horsepower engine. The front-mounted electric motors are powered by a 24 kWh lithium battery pack. The V6 combustion engine is mid-mounted and powers the car’s rear wheels.

For more about the Switzerland-based sports car company that was founded by Frank Sbarro in 1971, see the official (French language) website, linked below. Sbarro also makes replicas of classic sports vehicles, their initial effort being a duplicate of the famous Lola T70. International motor shows often display Sbarro replicas, some of which include a Ford GT40, a Mercedes-Benz 540K, a BMW 328 and a breathtaking Bugatti Royale. One of Frank Sbarro’s most enduring and prestigious legacies is the Sbarro Espera School of design, where small groups of exceptionally talented automotive mechanics and designers create replica vehicles and fresh models as a part of their coursework in vehicle design.

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