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KleenSpeed, Leo Motors Team Up

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KleenSpeed’s EV-X11 green racer

KleenSpeed Technologies, Inc., and Korea’s Leo Motors will work together under a recently signed international sales agreement. According to the text of the arrangement, Leo and KleenSpeed will market each other’s products in both the U.S. and Asia. The companies hope to expand global markets for energy storage and electric transportation technology. KleenSpeed, based in California, has been in business since 2007, developing electric racing vehicles and systems. NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif. is the company’s home base. Its most famous projects to date are the EV-X11 electric racer, and the KAR, aka KleenSpeed Advanced Research vehicle.

KleenSpeed: Video

See the short video clip below for some startling footage of KleenSpeed’s EV-X11 electric racecar in action at Sonoma, where it set an EV speed record. While the average speed during the attempt was a tame 93 mph, the car’s top speed reached 130 mph, which seems even faster due to the hood-mounted camera. It is an amazing testament to the power of electric cars, and to their silence, even on the track at high speeds. The video features some stomach-turning shots, so be sure to hang on to your chair.

KleenSpeed and Leo Motors

Leo Motors is based just outside the Seoul, Korea, metropolis. The company manufactures and sells a wide variety of components and powertrains for electric vehicles. Registered as a public U.S. corporation, the company has done multiple specialized conversions of combustion vehicles. Leo Motors’ experience with conversions includes work with scooters, buses, trucks, passenger cars, and motorcycles. The Korean-based company has also come up with a zinc-air, fuel-cell generator (ZAFCG), which has the potential to extend the range of electric vehicles.

For more information about KleenSpeed and Leo Motors, see the companies’ official websites:
(Click on “English” tab in upper right for the English language version of the website).

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