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Nissan’s Official Announcement Stuns

Inside the Leaf

Nissan Motor Company made it official this week, their Leaf electric car can store up to 24 kWh of power, which is enough to run an average Japanese residence for about two full days in the event of an emergency. The automaker refers to the new system as Vehicle-to-Grid power (V2G). Many Japanese had urged [...]

Drivers Talk About Charging Stations, Ice Cream

Two Volts juicing up

Charging station infrastructure is the foundation of the coming electric vehicle culture, and many of the folks interviewed in the video link below are quite excited to see such systems coming into existence. One unintended advantage of charging up an EV is ice cream. That’s right, ice cream. Okay, maybe it doesn’t make sense right [...]

Electric Battery Breakthroughs

Nissan's Cube electric concept

The field of electric battery research dishes up advancement in tiny increments, but this decade stands to see some significant breakthroughs in the discipline. Consumers tend to want greater EV range immediately, but a spokesman for the Department of Energy’s Research and Development Center explains that it routinely takes about a decade to put new [...]

Cops to Get Stealth Electric Motorcycles

Zero off-road electric bike

Electric vehicle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles is building a quiet police motorcycle that will be specially equipped for cops to sneak up on drivers. Called the Zero DS Police Motorcycle, the bike will emit almost no discernible sound, as opposed to the giant noisemakers that cops ride around on in most big cities today. Some small [...]

Honda Uni-Cub ‘EV’ Seats One

Honda Uni-Cub

A vehicle that looks like a unicycle, features a saddle seat, and is powered by a small electric motor has just been unveiled by Honda. Designed to allow for the same range of motion that a pedestrian has, the compact personal mobility device is neither a car nor a bicycle, and does not even resemble [...]

Nissan, GE Reveal Smart Grid Details

Smart-grid infrastructure

Nissan has just wrapped up hosting duties at last week’s SAE International 2012 World Congress, which was held at Detroit’s Cobo Center. The event’s theme this year was “Get Connected,” and thus played perfectly into the joint Nissan-GE presentation about the future of smart grid technology. Nissan’s CEO, Toshiyuki Shiga, gave the keynote speech at [...]

2012 London Olympics Will Be Greener


London Olympics Will Be Greener.  Any country to have a host city for the Olympics is a big deal, granted.  But each city that hosts gets to impart their own flair into the games, and can have a lot of input on the stylization of the ceremonies. In fact, for several of the years, particularly right [...]

Green Transportation’s Biggest Star?

A dual-motor e-bike

The biggest celebrity of the electric transportation world, and the undisputed leader in electric battery advancement, is neither a car nor a truck. It is the bicycle, or the e-bike to be more exact. While much has been written in the media, and on this very site, about e-bikes, new research shows growth of the [...]

IBM, PG&E Announce Smart EV Grid

Inside the 2013 Honda Fit EV

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. announced this week that they are working with IBM to develop a smart-grid charging system that will prevent electric demand overloads. An advanced communication system between car and grid is being tested on the Honda Fit electric vehicle. A spokes person for IBM pointed out that the technology will allow [...]

Tropical Paradise Going Green

New push for green cars on Barbados

Besides encouraging the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, the Caribbean island-nation of Barbados is making a total shift away from a fossil fuel-based economy toward a green energy solution. Virtually every sector of the small country’s economic life will be touched by a series of government-sponsored programs that will create an integrated, renewable energy [...]

Most Energy Efficient Place on Earth?

A biodiesel tractor on Samso

Denmark’s Samso Island is a sort of paradise for renewable energy enthusiasts. The residents have created, in just over a decade, a 100 percent carbon neutral, self-sufficient community. The local Samso Energy Academy is an example for other areas around the globe who might want to create an economic environment that is good for the [...]

Boy Genius Builds Elec. Motorcycle

A typical "hobbyist" electric motorbike

Young man might be a better term than boy, but he certainly is a genius, and after you see how he constructed his very own 48-volt electric motorcycle, you will agree. The video clip tracks the young inventor’s progress from the day he begins tearing down a standard motorcycle, until the magic moment, eight months [...]

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