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If Elvis is Alive, He’s Driving These Cars

An obvious Elvis choice, the Tesla Model S

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, had impeccable taste in automobiles. Considering what he liked back in the day, people often wonder what El might be driving now, if he were around to see all the cool alternative vehicles available. Elvis was a trendsetter, no doubt about it, so it is a sure [...]

Are Electric Vehicles Too Silent? The Solution is Here


One of the major differences in how electric vehicles are perceived by the world around them compared with gasoline-powered vehicles is the sounds they make.  For large cars that are visually impressive, this is less of an issue, but when smaller vehicles are completely silent it can introduce an extra challenge in safely driving on [...]



10 Best Superbowl Car Commercials 2012
I love car commercials. They are what make people fall in love with vehicles. Everything from the music, the actors, the dialogue, it all contributes to what, and how we view a vehicle. Some are humorous, others are more serious, throwing around big words like horsepower and torque. Most of [...]

Meet Bob T! Owner of

Sir Bob T!

How Bob T starts his day! (Watch the video below)
It’s not easy being the owner of the top “Go To” website on the internet that specializes in the new automotive technologies. ¬†Especially, when there are such a large number of other enterprises trying to do the same thing. Well, not really the same. Most others [...]

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