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Chevy Cruze Diesel: 46 MPG Highway

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Chevy Cruze diesel

Chevrolet has announced that its Cruze diesel has been rated at 46 mpg highway. This puts the new model ahead of all non-hybrid cars in terms of fuel efficiency. In fact, the overall mpg rating is 33 when combined with the car’s city mileage of 27 mpg. One of the Cruze diesel’s chief competitors is Volkswagen’s Jetta TDI, which comes in slightly better in overall mpg at a combined rating of 34. The Jetta, however, offers a fuel-efficiency profile that some consider more balanced, with a 42 highway and 30 city rating. In any case, Chevy holds the current record for non-hybrid highway mpg.

Chevy Cruze: Video

If you missed the Chicago Auto Show, here is some footage of the Chevy Cruze diesel in action from the event. Revealed at the 2013 show, the Cruze clean turbo offers solid mpg, 148 horsepower, and a host of safety features for a sticker price that starts at just $26,000. The clip above shows a sporty, red Cruze diesel refueling and then breezing through the rainy streets of Chicago. If you are a fan of diesels and Chevys, this car has a lot to offer.

Chevy Cruze Diesel

For now, the Jetta can still call itself the only diesel offered by a major car manufacturer in the U.S., but the Cruze diesel will be in showrooms in less than a month so VW will no longer be able to make the claim. Look for Mazda to add its diesel to the lineup in several months when the Mazda6 begins selling a diesel version. While diesel fuel tends to cost more than gasoline, diesel cars are able to travel further per gallon.

For more about the Chevy Cruze, see the specific site for the car, below:
For more about all Chevrolet vehicles, see the official corporate site:

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