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Chevy Volt: Sales Numbers Surprise Many

2013 Chevy Volt

2013 Chevy Volt

The hybrid-electric Chevy Volt has better sales numbers than approximately half of all vehicles sold in the U.S. Domestic car dealers carry approximately 260 different car and truck models for retail sale. Of that number, the Volt ranks almost exactly in the middle, despite recent political debate about the car’s profitability. An unreliable Associated Press story, which said that GM was losing money on each Volt sold, has been widely debunked. The AP, it was discovered, used improper accounting methods among other glaring inaccuracies.

Chevy Volt: Video

For a quick, two-minute seminar on how the collision alert system in the 2013 Chevy Volt works, see the video below. Sometimes overlooked in media reviews of the car, the high-tech, crash warning system is quite effective. The clip covers how the program operates, whether the threat of collision comes from the rear or front of the vehicle. Once the stuff of science fiction novels that featured a fellow named Mr. Bond, the safety component is now available on many newer vehicles. Watching how all the science comes together to make it work is fascinating.

Chevy Volt: Update

Despite the incorrect, though widely publicized AP story, the Chevy Volt continues to sell briskly, with many dealers having to put prospective buyers on a waiting list for the popular hybrid. Last month, in fact, the Volt had its best sales period since its debut.

By the end of August, Chevrolet had racked up 13,497 unit sales for the Volt, which turns out to be better than about half of all models. Of 262 vehicle models officially listed as “for sale,” in the U.S., Volt ranked 133.

See everything you ever wanted to know about the world’s most famous hybrid car, the Chevy Volt, at the official website for the car:

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