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VW Jetta Aces Safety Tests


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has listed the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta as a Top Safety Pick. The designation applies to Jetta models that feature the Forward Collision Warning System. Of note is the fact that Volkswagen equipped the new Jetta with active and passive safety systems. The new car’s standard roster of safety [...]

EPA’s 5 Most Efficient Diesel Cars


Expert picks for the 2015 model year are out, and clean diesel vehicles are gaining momentum in sales volume and fuel efficiency. According to EPA data, more than a dozen diesel cars show ratings well above 35 mpg, with several reaching the 40 mpg threshold and beyond. The clear ‘winner’ is BMW’s 328d, posting a [...]

Volkswagen XL2 on Drawing Board?


Volkswagen is reportedly designing a 4-seat, 4-door version of its super-mpg XL1 in an effort to compete with Japanese fuel-cell vehicles and high-efficiency cars from other makers. Sources claim the new model will weigh just over 2,000 pounds but will retain its 300-plus mpg rating (using European standards). The 300-Plus MPG XL1 {Video} For some [...]

Mazda Hints at ‘Diesel-Electric’ Hybrid


Engineers at Mazda are reportedly working on a diesel-electric hybrid vehicle that could be ready for sale as early as 2016, according to Japan’s leading newspaper, The Yomiuri Shimbun. Prospective designs include an electric motor acting as an assisting power source for a super-efficient diesel engine. Talk among Asian auto experts focuses on the current [...]

Volkswagen, SunPower Join Forces for Solar Driving


The second-biggest solar manufacturer in the U.S., SunPower Corp., is teaming with Germany’s Volkswagen AG to show consumers how to make driving a truly green experience. Volkswagen will soon begin promoting home-based solar systems through its dealerships. SunPower makes a set of rooftop panels that can collect and supply clean electricity for a plug-in car’s [...]

Surprise! 2014 Clean Diesel Sales Up 25 Percent


Data released this week reveals that clean diesel vehicle sales in the U.S. shot up 25 percent from January to the end of June 2014. Analysts say the biggest surprise in the stats is that overall U.S. car sales only increased 4.2 percent during the same six-month period. In fact, of the 48 months since [...]

Classic VW Bug Goes Electric


A California man has become the state’s self-appointed expert for converting classic Volkswagen Beetles into snazzy-looking electric cars. David Bernardo specializes in models that came off the assembly line between 1958 and 1966. After removing the original motors and substituting electric ones, he places battery packs in two separate locations on each vehicle. To retain [...]

Volkswagen Passat Plug-in for Europe


The Volkswagen Passat will be available in Europe as a plug-in hybrid, the company announced this week. For 2015, all Passat drivetrain choices will see a 20 percent fuel economy improvement compared to 2014 models, but the plug-in offering is historic for the German automaker. A gasoline engine and electric motor work together for a [...]

Revealed: Volkswagen XL1 Price


Volkswagen announced this week that its diesel-electric hybrid XL1 would be priced at $169,000. The diminutive 0.8-liter engine is a 2-cylinder turbo-diesel rated at 47 horsepower. A 5.5-kWh lithium pack is the power source for a companion electric motor that creates an additional 26 horsepower. European-cycle testing lists the car at 261-mpg, easily making it [...]

Top Diesel and Hybrid States are…


Recent data from the Diesel Technology Forum shows that diesel car registrations grew by 30 percent between 2010 and 2013, while hybrid sales did even better, posting a 64 percent jump for the same time period. On U.S. roads today, the diesel population stands at 7 million vehicles and the hybrid count comes in at [...]

Volkswagen Passat Plug-In Coming to EU


Germany’s Volkswagen will debut its new Passat next month and has announced that a plug-in model will definitely be in the lineup. With an all-electric range of about 30 miles, the plug-in Passat will likely employ a drivetrain identical to the one in the Golf GTE, and will boast a total range of approximately 600 [...]

VW e-Golf’s Shocking Extras


When Volkswagen begins selling its e-Golf electric car in the U.S. later this year, the company will offer a unique roadside assistance plan. Any e-Golf owner who runs out of charge within 100 miles of home will get a free ride to the nearest charging station, plus a lift back home or to the office [...]

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