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It’s Official: Tesla Model X Ships in 2015


Tesla Motors announced this week that the company would begin delivery of the sport utility Model X in 2015. In related Tesla Motors news, the EV maker is making progress with its nationwide effort to sell vehicles directly to the public. A recent legislative victory in New Jersey and other looming successes are good news [...]

Tesla Motors Wins Major Legislative Battle


The New Jersey state assembly passed a bill this week that will let Tesla Motors sell its electric cars directly to consumers. Using storefronts rather than traditional dealerships, Tesla created a new way of offering automobiles to consumers, though some states have fought the electric carmaker in courtroom battles around the U.S. In the case [...]

Tesla to Build EV Plant in Europe


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that his electric car company expects to construct a new assembly plant somewhere in Europe if sales figures on the continent continue to improve. Musk noted that the magic number is likely 160,000 units per year, saying, “My aspirations for Europe are that we sell a comparable number of [...]

Tesla Update: E Gets Name Change, X Rescheduled


Tesla officials announced this week that the company’s forthcoming electric SUV, the Model X, would begin production in early 2015. In a related development, the car that was tentatively called the Model E, an entry-level EV, is now without an official name. Tesla, for reasons that are still unclear, has shelved the “E” designation and [...]

Tesla News: At Least 2 Battery Sites Planned


Elon Musk announced this week that his auto company, Tesla Motors, will soon choose “at least two” U.S. locations for its new battery facilities, called gigafactories by those close to the project. This development follows Tesla’s plans to offer a lower-priced EV for the 2017 model year or earlier. The plants will be, according to [...]

Tesla Announces 100th Supercharger Station


Tesla Motors announced this week that the company has installed its 100th supercharger, which also happens to be the 86th such facility on U.S. soil. Rounding out Tesla’s 100 supercharger locations: there are two facilities in The Netherlands, one in Austria, four in Germany, six in Norway, and one in Switzerland. The electric carmaker had [...]

Are Side-View Mirrors Obsolete?


Tesla Motors officials announced that the electric automaker would soon be using side-view cameras rather than mirrors on all their new models. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a related story, approved new regulations that call for all U.S. cars and trucks to provide some type of rear-view camera technology by 2018. [...]

Tesla’s Big Win in the Big Apple


Tesla Motors has scored a huge victory in the state of New York. The EV maker has received the legislative green light to keep its five stores open, and new laws will seal the deal for the longer term. In what looks like a “battle of the governors” between New York and New Jersey, Tesla [...]

Tesla Model X Reservations at Record Level


Tesla Motors announced this week that reservations for its upcoming Model X sedan are coming in at a brisk pace, currently numbering 12,133 unit orders. Reservations for the Signature model require a $40,000 down payment, while those for the standard model cost $5,000. For more about the “most popular car that has not yet been [...]

Tesla’s Massive Battery Plant Might Land in Arizona


The Arizona State Legislature has begun working on a bill that would allow Tesla Motors to sell its electric cars without using a dealership network. The Sunbelt state also happens to be one of the final four locations under consideration as the home of the carmaker’s massive new battery facility. Though officials who are sponsoring [...]

Most Expensive Tesla Model S Ever?


An automotive specialty company, T Sportline, has created what many are calling the world’s most expensive Tesla Model S electric car. The upgraded vehicle was fitted with a wide array of premium aftermarket parts and components, all of which boosted the price to $205,820. Tesla Model S: Video The above video clip offers up some [...]

Consumer Reports’ Top Picks Stun Industry


Lexus, Acura, and Audi were at the top of the annual Consumer Reports picks for best all-around auto brands. CR uses its own safety testing, along with owner survey statistics and road tests to determine the rankings. Of the first eight places on the survey, seven of them were occupied by Japanese carmakers. Among individual [...]

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