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Tesla ‘Model D’ Still a Mystery


Just days ahead of the Paris Motor Show, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has created huge speculation about his California-based company’s newest model. At Hawthorne Airport in LA, on Oct. 9, the intrepid executive will take the wraps off what he calls the Model D. The shocking news came via a tweet from the CEO, [...]

Has Technology Wiped Out Car Theft?


Experts say high tech devices such as GPS and Smartphone apps have cut car theft rates by as much as 90 percent in some states. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the vast majority of stolen vehicles in the U.S. are 1990s models, which offered low- or no-tech anti-theft devices, and whose [...]

Tesla Wins Again: Lowest ‘Price-per-Range’ Ratio


According to a recent study by MojoMotors, the Tesla Model S offers the greatest range per dollar of price among all electric vehicles. The rankings were created by simply dividing each car’s list price by its miles-per-charge, or range. The Model S “costs” about $301 per mile of electric range, while the Chevy Spark EV [...]

Tesla Gigafactory Decision: It’s Reno!


Tesla Motors announced today that it would build its massive new battery facility in Reno, Nev. The state offered the carmaker at least $1.2 billion in financial incentives that will effectively allow Tesla to operate tax-free for an entire decade. Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that, “This is not just about incentives,” and applauded Nevada [...]

Where Will Tesla Build the ‘Gigafactory’?


There is still no official word on where Tesla Motors will locate its so-called gigafactory, a facility that will produce lithium-ion packs for the carmaker’s Model S and other electric vehicles. But many analysts are making much of the fact that Tesla did indeed break ground in Reno, Nevada, for what might become the company’s [...]

Will Tesla Gigafactory Go to Calif.?


A Tesla Motors official has said that California has “caught up” with other states who are candidates for Tesla’s massive battery plant and its attendant 6,500 jobs. California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will provide generous property tax credits to Tesla should the gigafactory end up on local soil. The facility will [...]

Breaking News: Tesla Model 3 Set for 2017


Amid much speculation about Tesla Motors’ follow-up to the Model X, the company has finally confirmed that its small electric sedan, to be called Model 3, will be available by 2017. The crossover SUV Model X goes on sale in 2015, but the Model 3 is positioned to be a direct competitor to the BMW [...]

It’s Official: Tesla Model X Ships in 2015


Tesla Motors announced this week that the company would begin delivery of the sport utility Model X in 2015. In related Tesla Motors news, the EV maker is making progress with its nationwide effort to sell vehicles directly to the public. A recent legislative victory in New Jersey and other looming successes are good news [...]

Tesla Motors Wins Major Legislative Battle


The New Jersey state assembly passed a bill this week that will let Tesla Motors sell its electric cars directly to consumers. Using storefronts rather than traditional dealerships, Tesla created a new way of offering automobiles to consumers, though some states have fought the electric carmaker in courtroom battles around the U.S. In the case [...]

Tesla to Build EV Plant in Europe


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that his electric car company expects to construct a new assembly plant somewhere in Europe if sales figures on the continent continue to improve. Musk noted that the magic number is likely 160,000 units per year, saying, “My aspirations for Europe are that we sell a comparable number of [...]

Tesla Update: E Gets Name Change, X Rescheduled


Tesla officials announced this week that the company’s forthcoming electric SUV, the Model X, would begin production in early 2015. In a related development, the car that was tentatively called the Model E, an entry-level EV, is now without an official name. Tesla, for reasons that are still unclear, has shelved the “E” designation and [...]

Tesla News: At Least 2 Battery Sites Planned


Elon Musk announced this week that his auto company, Tesla Motors, will soon choose “at least two” U.S. locations for its new battery facilities, called gigafactories by those close to the project. This development follows Tesla’s plans to offer a lower-priced EV for the 2017 model year or earlier. The plants will be, according to [...]

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