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For 2014: A Mercedes EV

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

A new Mercedes-Benz B-Class compact electric car will land on U.S. shores and in showrooms in early 2014, according to official corporate sources. Tesla Motors will supply the batteries, motors, and related components for the vehicles, which will feature the new Mercedes-Benz front-wheel-drive platform.
This will be Daimler’s second all-electric car. Currently, the company sells a [...]

Classy Cat Gets Stuck in a Mercedes

Mercedes S550

The Mercedes S-series features some of the carmaker’s best efforts in its lineup, but no marketing guru ever dreamed the engine compartment would double as home sweet home for a kitten. Yes, the Mercedes S400 hybrid is a standard of luxury, as is its cousin, the S550. Last week, a kitten exploring under the hood [...]

Diesel BMW 7 Coming to USA?

BMW 7 Series in action

BMW will be bringing a diesel model 7-Series car to the U.S. for the 2014 model year. No official word on exactly when the new vehicle will land in showrooms, but unofficial information sources point to summer of 2013. Mercedes-Benz came out with the S 350 BlueTEC last year, and from the looks of things, [...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Ten Best Hybrids

Porsche Cayenne hybrid

Father’s Day is almost here and the question on every son’s and daughter’s mind is the same: What type of hybrid vehicle should we get for dear old Dad this year? The research is in, and it is screamingly obvious that dads want hybrid cars and trucks, so save yourself a bunch of window shopping [...]

Up Close Video: Mercedes Assembly Line

The Mercedes E300 BlueTec hybrid

If you like to get to the heart of things, there is no better place than an automobile assembly line. These days, the state-of-the-art in that department can arguably be awarded to Mercedes-Benz, makers of some of the best and most famous cars in all history. There is something truly hypnotic about the video clip [...]

New Math: China+Daimler=Denza

A BYD plug-in on display

The parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, has finalized a deal with Chinese automaker BYD to produce electric cars for China’s market. The product of the joint venture will be called Denza and will likely be shown off at the upcoming (late April) Beijing Auto Show. There are scant details about the car’s look, specs, [...]

World, Green Car of Year Announced

World Green Car of the Year: Mercedes S 250 CDI BlueEfficiency

Going head-to-head with mighty competitors like Porsche and BMW can be daunting for any entrant in the World Car of the Year competition, but Volkswagen came out on top, as official recipient of the 2012 trophy, handed out today at the New York International Auto Show.
World Green Car of the Year award went to the [...]

Invisible in More Ways than One: The Mercedes B-Class F-Cell

Mercedes B-Class F-Cell

There are more than enough plays on words on zero emissions and “zero” cars, etc etc. At times it can even become a bit tiresome.
But every once in a blue moon, someone comes up with something truly breathtaking. To what am I referring?
Mercedes-Benz took their newest fuel cell concept vehicle on a week long tour [...]

The Mercedes You Can’t See

You didn't see it here. Mercedes F Cell

Mercedes decided to tout their new fuel cell car with an invisibility cloak made of LEDs, and the resulting video has gone viral. The F-Cell has become much more visible because of its invisibility, so to speak. But how does the thing work, and where did they come up with the idea of the LED [...]

‘Green Motor City’


New Face For Detroit Auto Show

Mercedes Benz will be unveiling two hybrid electric vehicles at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week. One is the 400 hybrid, while the other is known as the 300 Bluetec, which is a first for Mercedes in that it is a diesel-electric hybrid. These are just [...]

EV SUV? Amp Builds Green Giants, Eclectic Electrics


Exclusive Interview with Steve Burns, Founder and President of Amp Electric Vehicles
Amp Electric Vehicles, based in Loveland, Ohio, converts OEM vehicles to all-electric drive, focusing mainly on the SUV market. The company is set to unveil its latest model at Detroit‘s auto show next week, an electric version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The North [...]

Has Diesel’s Time Arrived for U.S. Market?

BMW diesel sales are up

New U.S. sales figures for diesel cars and trucks are proving that consumer demand is up not only in Asia and India, but in the U.S. and Europe as well. What has long been something of a mystery to industry experts, diesel vehicles never really caught on in America, while Europe, India, and Asia saw [...]

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