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Hybrid on ‘Most Ticketed Cars’ List


A new report reveals which cars on U.S. roads are most likely to be ticketed. compiled the data, which shows the percentage of a given model’s owners who have recently received citations. The Subaru WRX topped the list with a whopping 33 percent rating, which means that about one-third of WRX drivers have been [...]

The Fastest Hybrids in the World


Guest Blogger: Daniel Solomou For: Toyota There is no denying that advancements made in hybrid technology, since it first appeared, are impressive. The reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions when compared with standard-issue combustion engines are both significant and promising, and pave the way to a greener and more sustainable future for our roads. [...]

GM Reveals ‘Secret’ Chevy Volt


Chevrolet issued a press release this week about its “secret,” next-generation Volt. As engineers sent the extended-range EV out to the test field, they made it known to the world that the new car is ready for its 2015 debut in Detroit, but officials left the camouflage in place during testing. See the video clip [...]

Experts: Sept. Auto Sales to Rise 10 Pct


Early word from multiple news outlets is that September car sales will post at least a 10 percent increase when compared to last year’s numbers. The entire span of 2014, so far, has demonstrated undeniably strong sales growth, with three of the industry’s big players, Nissan, Chrysler, and GM all looking at gains of 10 [...]

Camry Hybrid Prices, Info Revealed


Toyota announced pricing and other data for its 2015 Camry Hybrid lineup this week. The last time the Japanese carmaker completely redid the model was in 2011, but this mid-year redesign is significant in itself. Company data sheets for the new hybrid show a base sticker for the LE model of $26,790, with the SE [...]

New Porsche Cayenne Hybrid: Ready for its Debut


Porsche representatives announced this week that the company would debut its new Cayenne S E-Hybrid at the Paris Motor Show next week. The vehicle will become the first-ever plug-in SUV in the luxury segment. The new car’s appearance means that Porsche now produces more plug-in hybrid automobiles than any other company. In addition to the [...]

DiCaprio, Bieber Happy Now? Fisker Karma Returns!


Wanxiang Group of China will relaunch the Fisker Karma luxury hybrid-electric car, possibly in time for the 2016 model year. The fresh-faced version will be largely based on the final model made by the former owners, namely the 2012 Karma. Reuters reported that an unnamed source within Wanxiang said the new car will be almost [...]

VW Jetta Aces Safety Tests


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has listed the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta as a Top Safety Pick. The designation applies to Jetta models that feature the Forward Collision Warning System. Of note is the fact that Volkswagen equipped the new Jetta with active and passive safety systems. The new car’s standard roster of safety [...]

Renault Eolab: ’234 MPG’ Hybrid to Debut


On the heels of Volkswagen’s super-high mpg XL1, Renault of France will be taking the veil off its own mileage champion at the Paris Motor Show in early October. The Eolab travels 100 kilometers on a single liter of fuel. That translates to a real-world figure of 234 mpg, all of which is accomplished via [...]

Get Ready for Peugeot’s Hybrid ‘Quartz’


Peugeot will bring its 500-horsepower crossover to the Paris Motor Show in October. The high-performance hybrid concept boasts a 1.6-liter turbo, 4-cylinder alongside a pair of electric motors that produce 228 additional units of horsepower. When the car is driven in race mode, it utilizes both electric motors as well as the combustion engine, but [...]

Citroen Reveals 117-MPG ‘C4 Airflow’


Citroen, which based the new C4 Airflow upon the existing Cactus model, will show off the flashy, high-MPG concept at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. Boasting an ultra-lightweight body, incredible aerodynamics, and hybrid-air technology, the newest member of the Citroen family is sure to delight crowds at the show. Aluminum and carbon fiber parts account [...]

Ford Reveals C-Max ‘Extreme Makeover’


Ford Motor Company officials revealed the new face of the C-Max this week, though the full display models will likely not be shown to the public until next month’s Paris Motor Show. The “extreme makeover,” as Ford calls it, includes mechanical as well as aesthetic changes to the top-selling vehicle. Complete with LED running lights, [...]

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