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‘Green Car of the Year’ 2015: Finalists Announced


Green Car Journal has announced its five finalists for Green Car of the Year. The winner will be revealed at the LA Auto Show on Nov. 20. The finalists are a diverse bunch. The award recognizes not just a vehicle’s green credentials but its commercial availability as well. Each of the finalists is already in [...]

EPA Ratings Revealed: New Hybrids with Best MPG


The EPA released its annual fuel economy list this week. In the hybrid category, the top ten roster was dominated by Toyota’s Prius models, which posted 50 mpg combined across the board. The next slots were taken by Honda’s Accord and Civic hybrid versions, posting 47 mpg and 45 mpg combined, respectively. Next was Volkswagen’s [...]

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid: Pricing Revealed!


Honda Motor Company announced pricing for its 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid and Civic Natural Gas this week. Boasting a minimal increase from last year’s sticker amounts ($100 for each vehicle), the company revealed the Civic Hybrid’s new price tag of $25,525 for the base model. The highest trim level of the hybrid, which features CV [...]

Natural Gas Chevy Impala a ‘Game Changer’


Corporate decision makers at both Chevrolet and Honda have recently decided to devote more research and funding to the development of natural gas technology. Before year’s end, Chevy will begin selling a dual-fuel Impala that runs on both gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). Honda already sells a CNG car, the Civic Natural Gas, which [...]

Honda CNG Buyers Get $1,000 Credit


The California Energy Commission is offering an immediate $1,000 purchase credit to buyers of the Honda Civic Natural Gas vehicle. With more than 150 CNG fueling stations in the state, California leads the nation in natural gas infrastructure. Compared to average combustion cars, CNG-powered models typically save their owners about 40 percent on overall fuel [...]

Avg. MPG Hits Record High


Fresh data from the Univ. of Michigan Research Institute (UMRI) reveals that the average fuel economy rating for new cars in the U.S. has risen to 25.6 mpg as of May 2014. With gasoline prices expected to stay in the $3.50 to $3.70 bracket at least until September, consumer demand for high-mpg vehicles should continue [...]

‘Certified Pre-Owned’ Sales Poised to Surge


The latest issue of ‘Perspective,’ the NADA Used Car Guide publication, reports this week that 2014 should be a banner year for used car sales, and especially so for certified pre-owned (CPO) models. The report said that CPO sales could increase as much as 8 percent for 2014, and even more next year. One reason [...]

Revealed: The 10 ‘Most Stolen’ Vehicles


Data released this week by LoJack and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) included a list of the ten most stolen cars in the U.S. In fact, results separately compiled by NICB and LoJack named Honda Accord as the most frequently heisted car for each of the past five years. LoJack’s figures were for cars [...]

Car Sales Wars: Accord vs. Prius


The California New Car Dealers Association has revealed the unexpected news that Honda’s Accord was the bestselling car in the state for the first quarter. This is the first time any car other than the Toyota Prius has held the top spot for the past two years. For quarterly sales, Honda barely edged out its [...]

Are Side-View Mirrors Obsolete?


Tesla Motors officials announced that the electric automaker would soon be using side-view cameras rather than mirrors on all their new models. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a related story, approved new regulations that call for all U.S. cars and trucks to provide some type of rear-view camera technology by 2018. [...]

Is This the New ‘Hybrid Superstar’?


Honda executives have revealed that the company is struggling to keep U.S. dealerships stocked with the Accord Hybrid due to the car’s worldwide popularity. An especially big seller in its domestic market of Japan, Honda builds U.S. Accord models in Ohio. However, all the lithium-ion battery packs are sourced from one location, Japan, where the [...]

Get Ready for Car Sale Discount Wars


After a bout of frigid weather and a season of very high production, U.S. car dealers are entering a phase of deep price discounts to move their hefty January stock. Dealers and manufacturers alike are beginning to offer major price incentives, special deals, and promotions of all kinds. One industry consultant noted that these actions [...]

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