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New Hyundai Hybrid to Challenge Prius?


Hyundai Motor Company executives announced this week that the Korean auto giant would soon introduce a hybrid vehicle to compete directly with the successful Toyota Prius. Until now, Hyundai has been one of the industry’s biggest backers of fuel-cell cars, and will soon offer its first all-electric vehicle. The EV is expected to arrive in [...]

Ford Reveals C-Max ‘Extreme Makeover’


Ford Motor Company officials revealed the new face of the C-Max this week, though the full display models will likely not be shown to the public until next month’s Paris Motor Show. The “extreme makeover,” as Ford calls it, includes mechanical as well as aesthetic changes to the top-selling vehicle. Complete with LED running lights, [...]

Hybrid Car Rankings for 2014 Surprise Experts


At least a dozen official and unofficial organizations have developed lists of the best hybrid vehicles for 2014, some reviewers focusing on value, others on price, and still others on overall environmental credentials. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the many lists is the fact that at least a dozen hybrid vehicles are included in [...]

Hyundai and Ford: ‘Top Secret’ Hybrid Plans?


Korea’s Hyundai is secretly developing a hybrid model that it hopes will be able to compete directly against the Toyota Prius. Various sources have reported seeing prototypes of the planned car on test runs at secret tracks. For its part, Japan’s Toyota will begin selling the fourth-generation of the venerable Prius hybrid by late 2015. [...]

June: Big Month for Ford Fusion Energi


Final sales figures for June delivered a surprise in the hybrid plug-in segment, with Ford’s Fusion Energi outselling major competitors Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius plug-in. Ford reported that its flagship plug-in sold 1,939 units during June, marking the car’s best month ever. Video: FFEnergi’s Competitor View a detailed review of Ford Fusion Energi’s primary [...]

Avg. MPG Hits Record High


Fresh data from the Univ. of Michigan Research Institute (UMRI) reveals that the average fuel economy rating for new cars in the U.S. has risen to 25.6 mpg as of May 2014. With gasoline prices expected to stay in the $3.50 to $3.70 bracket at least until September, consumer demand for high-mpg vehicles should continue [...]

Volkswagen Passat Plug-In Coming to EU


Germany’s Volkswagen will debut its new Passat next month and has announced that a plug-in model will definitely be in the lineup. With an all-electric range of about 30 miles, the plug-in Passat will likely employ a drivetrain identical to the one in the Golf GTE, and will boast a total range of approximately 600 [...]

Best Used Hybrids: The ‘Official’ List


Shopping for a used hybrid vehicle has gotten much easier in the last couple of years, but choices are diverse and can at times be confusing. So, for those in the market, consider what the experts pick. In no particular order, nearly every major listing of ‘best used hybrids’ contains the following vehicles: Chevy Volt, [...]

KBB Reveals ‘Top Green Cars’ for 2014


Kelley Blue Book has announced its listing of the top ten green cars for 2014. Electric, hybrid, natural gas, and extended-range EV cars are all represented on the roster, with the top three spots occupied by BMW’s i3, the Nissan Leaf, and Toyota’s Prius. Rounding out the tally: The Honda Accord hybrid came in at [...]

Surprise! Here are ‘Real’ MPG Champs


Automotive reviewers in several major publications are making their annual ‘top ten’ lists of cars that deliver high mileage. Consistently ranking at or near the top of almost every list is the new, seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf TDI clean diesel hatchback. Featuring an inline 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine, the little diesel beauty is a 140-horsepower fuel-miser. Combined [...]

Breaking News: March Plug-in Car Sales Up


Electric car sales rose 30 percent in March, with total sales for the month standing at about 9,000 units, compared to 6,900 electric vehicles sold in February. Nissan in particular was a big winner among plug-in carmakers, notching a 12 percent increase in Leaf sales for March compared to the same month in 2012. Chevrolet [...]

Surprising Car Sales Results for March


As the month of March comes to a close, the experts at Kelley Blue Book are predicting that auto sales will rise 2 percent in year-over-year results based upon March car and truck data. That means that the prognosticators expect 2014 to be slightly up compared to 2013 in terms of auto sales. The critical [...]

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