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DiCaprio, Bieber Happy Now? Fisker Karma Returns!


Wanxiang Group of China will relaunch the Fisker Karma luxury hybrid-electric car, possibly in time for the 2016 model year. The fresh-faced version will be largely based on the final model made by the former owners, namely the 2012 Karma. Reuters reported that an unnamed source within Wanxiang said the new car will be almost [...]

The Return of Fisker Karma


The new owners of Fisker Automotive, Wanxiang Corp., announced this week that the Chinese manufacturer would bring back the Karma and build the car at an assembly plant in Finland. Wanxiang, the biggest auto parts company in China, purchased all of Fisker’s assets in a bankruptcy sale and is also exclusive owner of former independent [...]

Will “New Fisker” Challenge Tesla?


The chairman of China’s Wanxiang Group, Lu Guanqiu, has predicted that his company’s purchase of Fisker Automotive will lead to a new era of competition among top players in the EV and plug-in hybrid segments. The company intends to resurrect the once-mighty Fisker and go against Tesla Motors’ lineup of electric luxury cars. With plans [...]

Shocking Result at Fisker Auction


Wanxiang Group of China successfully purchased Fisker Automotive with a bid of $149.2 million at a bankruptcy sale this week. Initially, Fisker was expected to sell for about $25 million, but after a 19-round bidding war, Wanxiang beat out rival firm Hybrid Tech to acquire luxury hybrid maker Fisker. Fisker: Video As shown, strikingly, in [...]

Will Fisker be Reborn?


A high stakes international auction involving massive fortunes and mega-celebrities is over. Hong Kong entrepreneur, and one of Asia’s wealthiest investors, Richard Li won legal rights to the debt owed by Fisker Automotive to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The $168 million obligation is now on Li’s books, though his intentions are unclear. He [...]

I’m Buying Fisker Kharma Corp!


Rumor has it that Fisker Kharma is in financial trouble and can be bought. Now if I were a big car manufacturer I would seriously be looking at this opportunity. The CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards are getting closer and closer. I don’t see that some of the big car manufacturers are on target [...]

Fisker Automotive May Get New Owners


Fisker Automotive is said to be in the midst of a deal that would turn majority control of the company over to China’s Dongfeng Motors, an automaker based in Wuhan, and which would take 85 percent control of Fisker if Dongfeng’s offer of $350 million is accepted. Fisker put out feelers for bids, with a [...]

Bieber, Lautner, Jonas All Drive This Car


Now it is official: Three of the most popular young males on the planet are Fisker Karma owners. Teen heartthrobs Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, and Taylor Lautner all drive Karmas, but only one of them has a special chrome-plated model. Bieber’s shiny Karma has been the subject of endless media ink since he received the [...]

Fisker Atlantic: Tech Center in Michigan?

Fisker Atlantic

Fisker Automotive, maker of extended-range electric luxury cars, has unveiled plans to open a new technical center in the Midwest, for the purpose of developing its Atlantic automobile. One of the plant’s possible sites is in the state of Michigan. Fisker is looking to open the doors of the facility in 2013, marking the first [...]

Fisker Karma a Hit at SEMA Show

Fisker Karma

The SEMA trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center opened this week, with Fisker Automotive in attendance for the first time. The company is on hand to show several slightly adapted versions of its flagship vehicle, the Karma. The event is not open to the public, but is heavily attended by automotive industry professionals, [...]

Fisker Automotive Collects Four Awards

Fisker Automotive: 2013 Surf concept car

Fisker Automotive continues to amass awards for its historic hybrid-electric car, the Karma. The company recently added four new trophies to its crowded mantle, the latest for design and technical innovation. Fisker’s CEO, Tony Posawatz, said these awards “rightly recognize both the stunning design and technological innovation that this car has brought to the market. [...]

Fisker Karma, Harrison Ford Star in New Film

Fisker Karma: Harrison Ford's new co-star

Fisker Automotive announced this week that their flagship hybrid-electric luxury car, the Karma, would star alongside Harrison Ford in next year’s corporate thriller, “Paranoia.” The news is doubly good for Fisker, since the car’s role in the movie is as a symbol of success for an up-and-coming, young business executive, played by Liam Hemsworth. The [...]

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