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Wireless EV Charging Tested by Toyota


Toyota is experimenting with a new EV charging system that lets cars replenish their batteries without plugging in. By parking over a special coil, an electric car can recharge its battery and drive off several hours later with a fully loaded pack. The resonance charging method is one of the Japanese auto giant’s plans for [...]

Ford to Unveil a Solar C-Max at NAIAS


Ford has unveiled a solar concept C-Max at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Later in the week, the Michigan automaker plans to show the vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show. The concept employs a unique roof that is covered with solar panels. The panels collect power from a magnifier-type canopy that maximizes the [...]

Cost of Electricity Baffles Some EV Owners


Those interested in purchasing an electric car often wonder about the exact amount of money they will save by using electricity instead of gasoline. The answer depends on two prices, both of which fluctuate daily. The price of gasoline is well known and easy to determine. The price of electricity for your EV is a [...]

Toyota Prius Batteries Given Second Life


Toyota has announced that it will begin selling electricity systems that use recycled Prius batteries for power. The units will work in conjunction with overall electrical management systems in buildings, solar generating stations, and lighting circuits The recycled nickel-metal hydride batteries will allow for storage of significant amounts of electricity, to the tune of about [...]

EV Battery Tech Set for April in London


London will be the host city for the seventh “EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction” series, which runs for two days beginning on April 24. The conference brings together some of the top minds in the industry to develop realistic cost-cutting methods for battery production, development, and processing. In addition, several presentations will focus on [...]

Wireless Charging Could Beat Range Anxiety


A new study from Pike Research suggests that wireless charging systems could go a long way toward alleviating consumer range anxiety associated with electric vehicles. Pike’s data estimates that there will be more than 280,000 wireless charging points by the end of this decade. Because the units can be embedded in roadways and public parking [...]

Chevy Volt Batteries: Backup Energy Source

A Chevy Volt on the road

General Motors and ABB Group displayed an electrical backup system for private homes this week. The mechanism can provide enough energy to power three residences for approximately two hours, and is powered by used EV batteries from Chevy Volt automobiles. With a maximum output of 50 kWh of energy, the system was the result of [...]

New EV Connector Will Drastically Cut Charging Time

New EV connector for cars like the Prius plug-in (shown)

  The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has just published a new specification for an updated J1772 EV connector, which has the potential to provide full charges in 10 minutes. The original device has been around for ten years, and only included AC charging in its specs. The new version incorporates DC charging, which allows [...]

Tesla Offers Free Charging for Life

Tesla solar charging station

Tesla Motors revealed a network of fast charging stations that runs on solar power and is free for Tesla owners to use. The network of charging locations was constructed in secret and currently covers most of California, but will soon encompass the entire U.S. Company co-founder Elon Musk said at a special event this week [...]

Global Library For Electric Vehicle Technology

Global Electric Vehicle Technology

The Electric Vehicle Global Technology Library is Now Available. Many of you are on this site because you have an interest in this new automotive technology as is relates to the way the hybrid/electric vehicles, that are available, looks, drives, saves on transportation costs, will they meet my needs, keeping up with the Jones’s or [...]

In-Wheel Motors: The Secret Revolution

In-wheel motor by Protean Electric

The story behind the story of the electric car is something that many people have not ever heard of, the electric wheel. More specifically, it is called either an in-wheel motor or a hub-motor system. Make no mistake, after Michigan’s Protean Electric starts mass-producing in-wheel electric motors early next year, the world of automotive technology [...]

Battery Demand Charges Onward

Demand for car batteries will surge

A major provider of in-depth market research reports,, has just released a comprehensive analysis of the future growth in the vehicle battery market, focusing on lithium-ion battery packs that are employed in hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars. The study looks at strengths and weaknesses of the near- and long-term battery demand and draws [...]

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