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Classic VW Bug Goes Electric


A California man has become the state’s self-appointed expert for converting classic Volkswagen Beetles into snazzy-looking electric cars. David Bernardo specializes in models that came off the assembly line between 1958 and 1966. After removing the original motors and substituting electric ones, he places battery packs in two separate locations on each vehicle. To retain [...]

Breaking News: Tesla Model 3 Set for 2017


Amid much speculation about Tesla Motors’ follow-up to the Model X, the company has finally confirmed that its small electric sedan, to be called Model 3, will be available by 2017. The crossover SUV Model X goes on sale in 2015, but the Model 3 is positioned to be a direct competitor to the BMW [...]

Huge End-of-Year Discounts on Cadillac ELR


Dealerships that sell the electric Cadillac ELR are offering discounts that exceed $13,000 before state and federal tax incentives. Most of the price-cutting sellers are on the East Coast, and the major discounts began showing up in June. Combined with other incentives, it is now possible for buyers to acquire GM’s elite EV for about [...]

Nissan Leaf News: 2015 Specs, Tiny Price Increase


Nissan Motor officials announced this week that the 2015 Leaf’s price will rise slightly and that the new models will include some design changes inside and out. For starters, the color choice known as Glacier Blue is gone, replaced by Morning Sky Blue. The 2015 Leaf features a sticker price for the base model just [...]

Volt-Leaf Sales Race: June Results


Nissan’s all-electric Leaf outsold the range-extended EV Chevy Volt for the month of June. Chevy tallied its best month of 2014, so far, for the vaunted Volt, logging 1,777 units sold. However, that was not enough to beat out the Leaf, which sold 2,347 units of its trendy EV during June. Range Secrets: 2015 Nissan [...]

Carice Mk1 EV: The Plastic, 770-Pound Sports Car


Startup Dutch carmaker Carice will introduce its first automobile on June 21 at the Concours d’Elegance at Het Loo Palace in the Netherlands. The vehicle is a 770-pound sport compact electric convertible that goes by the name Mk1. The new company’s founder, Richard Holleman, describes it as, “lightweight, agile, eco-friendly and elegant. The Carice Mk1 [...]

Detroit Electric Decides Against U.S.-based Production


Netherlands-based Detroit Electric will begin selling its EV sports car, the SP:01, in Asian and European markets toward the end of 2014, and in the U.S. sometime in 2015. The company’s main offices are in Detriot, Mich., but its production and support facilities are in Britain and the Netherlands. The car will be manufactured in [...]

GM Reveals: 63 Percent of All Volt Miles Electric


General Motors revealed this week that company data shows Chevy Volt owners drive 63 percent of all miles on electric power alone. While that number was higher than expected, GM also pointed out that a significant number of Volt drivers report getting well above the “official” 35-miles-per-charge range, even in harsh conditions. The Detroit automaker [...]

It’s Official: Tesla Model X Ships in 2015


Tesla Motors announced this week that the company would begin delivery of the sport utility Model X in 2015. In related Tesla Motors news, the EV maker is making progress with its nationwide effort to sell vehicles directly to the public. A recent legislative victory in New Jersey and other looming successes are good news [...]

Harley-Davidson Unveils Electric Motorcycle


Harley-Davidson, the U.S.-based maker of motorcycles, revealed this week that it would be adding an electric model to its lineup. Several smaller companies already sell electric bikes, but market-watchers say the introduction of the H-D LiveWire will be an epic moment in motorcycle history. Officially a “prototype,” the LiveWire’s unveiling was something of a shock [...]

Breaking News: Audi Considering Multiple EVs


According to industry sources, Audi is planning to produce several all-electric vehicles in the near future. Industry insiders say Audi is currently working on several all-electric sedans and SUVs, at least one of which will be a high-performance model. By 2015, the German carmaker will also be selling its supercar, the R8, which will feature [...]

Chevy Volt: 500,000,000 Electric Miles So Far


Chevrolet announced this week that drivers of the Volt have traveled a grand total of a half-billion miles on electric power alone. The extended-range EV first arrived in showrooms toward the end of 2010, and in less than three years, according to GM, Volt drivers in the U.S. have saved about 25 million gallons of [...]

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