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National Drive Electric Week is Biggest Ever


Thanks to a well-organized sponsorship by Nissan Motors, the ongoing National Drive Electric Week is proving to be a huge success, featuring more than 125 local events all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Running from Sept 15-21, and previously called National Plug In Day, the event works to inform the world’s drivers about the [...]

2016 Volt Update: GM Breaks Silence


GM executives revealed more details about the upcoming, second-generation Chevy Volt this week, noting that the new model will feature upgrades all around, which presumably includes more electric range. Larry Nitz, GM’s director for powertrain development, said that Volt drivers have historically driven about 66 percent of their miles in electric mode, while a full [...]

‘Leaf’ Venucia e30 Unveiled for China


The joint venture between Japan’s Nissan and China’s Dongfeng Motors announced this week that it has begun selling its Leaf clone in local Chinese markets. What some are calling the ‘sister’ to the Nissan all-electric Leaf is the first EV from the joint venture and is expected to sell briskly. Officials conducted a meticulous 300-vehicle [...]

Kia Reveals Pricing, Specs for Soul EV


Kia released pricing and other information about its new electric model, the Soul EV. The car will carry a base price of $33,700 before tax incentives, and boasts an EPA driving range of 93 miles per charge. For now, U.S. consumers will be able to purchase the car in California dealerships, with likely market expansions [...]

Tesla Wins Again: Lowest ‘Price-per-Range’ Ratio


According to a recent study by MojoMotors, the Tesla Model S offers the greatest range per dollar of price among all electric vehicles. The rankings were created by simply dividing each car’s list price by its miles-per-charge, or range. The Model S “costs” about $301 per mile of electric range, while the Chevy Spark EV [...]

Summer Surprise: BMW i3 Sales Surging


BMW has announced that sales of its i3 electric car almost tripled since the vehicle went on sale in May 2014. According to the most recent data, the German carmaker’s diminutive EV, which offers a gasoline range-extender option, has posted sales figures that top Tesla’s Model S and Toyota’s Prius plug-in hybrid. Consumers purchased 1,025 [...]

Tesla Gigafactory Decision: It’s Reno!


Tesla Motors announced today that it would build its massive new battery facility in Reno, Nev. The state offered the carmaker at least $1.2 billion in financial incentives that will effectively allow Tesla to operate tax-free for an entire decade. Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that, “This is not just about incentives,” and applauded Nevada [...]

Leaf, Volt Sales Strong in August


Nissan sold 3,186 units of it Leaf EV in August, while GM/Chevy sold 2,511 units of its Volt range-extended electric car. Both companies had something to cheer about, however. August 2014 was Leaf’s best month ever, and GM has not seen so strong a sales performance since this time last year. For 2014, Leaf also [...]

Breaking: Nissan Leaf Range 186 Miles by 2016


International media sources are reporting that Nissan will release a revamped Leaf electric automobile that features a fresh exterior design and a 186-mile range. When the new model goes on sale in late 2016, it will likely carry a sticker price of around $28,000. The longer range is due to Nissan’s recent efforts at making [...]

Is Renovo the Next Tesla?


Renovo Motors will soon offer an electric supercar that employs a Shelby Daytona chassis and a pair of massively powerful electric motors. The startup is hoping to succeed where almost two dozen electric carmakers have not, and many industry analysts think Renovo Motors has what it takes to accomplish its mission and become the second [...]

Experts Shocked: 2014 ‘Least Stolen Car’ an EV Sedan


New data from law enforcement sources has revealed that the Tesla Model S, an all-electric sedan, is the nation’s least stolen car. In 2013, the trendy EV was unranked, even in a year when there was an 8-way tie for the top spot. Experts attribute the car’s 2014 ranking to its theft-deterrent system, which allows [...]

Battery Co. Sakti3: A 480-Mile EV Will Happen


The founder of Michigan-based battery maker Sakti3 announced this week that the company would manufacture solid-state lithium packs that could double the range of a typical electric car like the Tesla Model S. An affiliate of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, a division of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Sakti3 researchers believe that [...]

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