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Hybrid Conversion Kit Works on Any Car


A college instructor has developed a kit for turning any car into a hybrid-electric vehicle. Engineering professor Charles Perry of Middle Tennessee State University is currently looking into funding the venture, with an eye on converting an entire fleet of cars as a large-scale test.
Conversion: Video
For a look at another type of conversion, in this [...]

Super Cool Electric Car Conversion: 1937 Jaguar


Neither a micro-van nor a hobby car, the classic 1937 Jaguar that is the subject of the short video below might just be the sleekest EV conversion around, complete with glass-encased battery packs and other unique extras. North Valley Systems LLC, a Montana-based conversion specialty company, created the 25 KW custom ride that tops out [...]

DeLorean ‘Back to the Future’ Car Back in the News


The DeLorean is back, but not to the future. The car, and its original driver, Christopher Lloyd, will appear in an upcoming episode of TV series Raising Hope, set to air on Jan. 8. In reality, the re-booted DeLorean Motor Company, now based in Texas, will be producing an electric version of the cult classic [...]

San Diego Auto Show Bigger Than Ever


The San Diego International Auto Show, which closed its doors at 7 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 30, had another year of record attendance and large crowds, especially in the Think Blue Eco-Center, where green vehicles and technological wizardry were on display. The Center offered up hydrogen fuel-cell cars, as well as a diverse array of hybrids [...]

Indianapolis City Fleet Going Green


Indianapolis city officials this week announced that all new, non-police vehicle purchases will be electric, hybrid, or natural gas powered. In an effort to reduce U.S. dependence on oil, and to reduce carbon emissions, the city hopes to have an entirely alt-fuel fleet by the year 2025. Eventually the city hopes to include police and [...]

Tom Cruise Car to Auction Block


If you are a regular visitor to this site, you know that we at MyPerfectAutomobile are always in search of the perfect car for an electric conversion. While the 1949 Buick Roadmaster that Tom Cruise drove in the film ‘Rain Man’ might be a bit large for an efficient EV conversion, it never hurts to [...]

Electric Car Conversions All the Rage


Custom electric cars are popping up everywhere these days, and one of the leaders of the movement (and a movement it is, make no mistake) is Andrew McClary, founder of High Voltage Hot Rods, Inc. Andrew built the EVGT-40, a replica that was inspired by the GT-40. A believer in the future of “cool, fast [...]

Batmobile: Ultimate Electric Conversion Car?

Batmobile would be prime candidate for EV conversion

The original Batmobile will be auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson 42nd annual event in Scottsdale, Ariz. in January. George Barris created the car from a 1955 Lincoln Futura on a $15,000 budget for the 1966 Batman television show.
Batmobile: Video
One of the best things about the Batmobile is all the incredible footage that exists of the car [...]

David Beckham’s Porsche: Where is It Now?

David Beckham: A similar 996 Turbo

Soccer fans, as well as Porsche enthusiasts, are still wondering where David Beckham’s Porsche 911 Turbo ended up. Purchased by an anonymous bidder on an Internet auction site, the car was expected to see the light of day on one of the major European auction blocks, but has not appeared as yet. The little gem [...]

Hybrid Car Kit: One Size Fits All?

Hybrid car kit: In-wheel motor from Protean

A research project at a U.S. university could soon lead to the introduction of add-on hybrid kits which would be able to make virtually any gasoline car into a hybrid drive vehicle. The kit essentially adds electric drive capability to a vehicle’s rear wheels, and several prototypes have already been successfully tested. Technically referred to [...]

Old Bumper Cars, Where do They Go?


Where Do Old Bumper Cars Go? These are the cars that many of todays
drivers learned how to drive with! Witness, the number of accidents on our
freeways and byways! They must have been sponsored by auto insurance
The ones in Coney Island and Rockaway Park back in the 20’s thru
to the 50″s ran on electric . They had [...]

The $6,000 Electric Truck

Chevy S-10 truck

Blacksburg, Virginia, is an unassuming town of about 43,000 residents, home of Virginia Tech, and recently praised by a major magazine as the, “best place in the U.S. to raise kids.” The first person to raise children here was Samuel Black, a frugal but wealthy farmer who purchased 600 acres of land in Draper’s Meadow [...]

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