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Coda Electric Car: To the Racetrack!

A Coda electric car

This past week, a group of Coda employees, also known collectively as Coda Refuel Team, took a donated Coda electric car and prepped it for the racetrack. On a meager budget, the part-time team put plenty of sweat equity into their one-and-only Coda racer, hoping to do great things at Laguna Seca track.
Coda Electric Car: [...]

A Different Direction for Coda Automotive


Coda Automotive was founded just a few years ago in 2009.  Since then, they have produced and released an all-electric model, the Coda all-electric sedan.  This vehicle was originally unveiled in 2004 and was designed by Pininfarina.  These vehicles only recently found their way into buyers’ hands, however, with the first deliveries taking place earlier [...]

Coda Rolls Out Car Number One

The Coda EV Sedan

Coda Automotive rolled out its first electric car this week, a significant milestone for the Southern California-based firm. Number one has been a long time coming, five years in fact, from a company that has put together a high-quality EV with a realistic price level. The sedan is available in two versions, one with a [...]

Detroit Auto Show Newswire: Coda Gets Affordable


Range Choices for Buyers, Realistic Prices
Without flashy, high-tech presentations that seem to be par for the course at large auto shows like Detroit’s NAIAS, going on all this week through Jan. 22, Coda Automotive quietly announced that its new, realistically priced cars will deliver range of 125 and 150 miles. Best of all, and in [...]

San Jose Car Show.


This year’s San Jose Autoshow is from January 5 to January 8. The last day of the show will be tomorrow. Although it is several times smaller than the LA Auto show 2 months ago, I was still able to find more than 20 electric models, Hybrids and Alt Fuel Vehicles. Keep in mind that [...]

Coda Press Release

CODA Automotive to be the First Electric Vehicle Manufacturer to
Offer Consumers an Innovative Sales Experience
LOS ANGELES, CA-September 8, 2011: CODA Holdings, a California based leading developer of advanced Lithium-ion power battery systems for its all-electric CODA sedan, EV propulsion system and stationary energy storage applications announced the opening [...]

Coda at LA Car Show


Coda has a big presence at the LA Auto Show this year with 3 cars! The show runs from Nov 18 to 27.
Coda is manufactured in California and after government and state rebates will cost less than $30,000. Production on the Coda has started and the first ones are expected in a few months. This [...]

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