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‘Secret’ Plan for Chevy Sonic EV?


If industry buzz is correct, Chevrolet is seriously considering an all-electric Sonic for its 2016 lineup. Currently, Chevy sells the Spark EV, Volt EREV, and Cadillac ELR, which is also an extended-range EV. Battery-maker LG Chem manufacturers the lithium-ion packs for Volt and will presumably do the same for the prospective Sonic EV, a car [...]

Surprise! 2014 Clean Diesel Sales Up 25 Percent


Data released this week reveals that clean diesel vehicle sales in the U.S. shot up 25 percent from January to the end of June 2014. Analysts say the biggest surprise in the stats is that overall U.S. car sales only increased 4.2 percent during the same six-month period. In fact, of the 48 months since [...]

June: Big Month for Ford Fusion Energi


Final sales figures for June delivered a surprise in the hybrid plug-in segment, with Ford’s Fusion Energi outselling major competitors Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius plug-in. Ford reported that its flagship plug-in sold 1,939 units during June, marking the car’s best month ever. Video: FFEnergi’s Competitor View a detailed review of Ford Fusion Energi’s primary [...]

Volt-Leaf Sales Race: June Results


Nissan’s all-electric Leaf outsold the range-extended EV Chevy Volt for the month of June. Chevy tallied its best month of 2014, so far, for the vaunted Volt, logging 1,777 units sold. However, that was not enough to beat out the Leaf, which sold 2,347 units of its trendy EV during June. Range Secrets: 2015 Nissan [...]

GM Reveals: 63 Percent of All Volt Miles Electric


General Motors revealed this week that company data shows Chevy Volt owners drive 63 percent of all miles on electric power alone. While that number was higher than expected, GM also pointed out that a significant number of Volt drivers report getting well above the “official” 35-miles-per-charge range, even in harsh conditions. The Detroit automaker [...]

Chevy Volt: 500,000,000 Electric Miles So Far


Chevrolet announced this week that drivers of the Volt have traveled a grand total of a half-billion miles on electric power alone. The extended-range EV first arrived in showrooms toward the end of 2010, and in less than three years, according to GM, Volt drivers in the U.S. have saved about 25 million gallons of [...]

Top Diesel and Hybrid States are…


Recent data from the Diesel Technology Forum shows that diesel car registrations grew by 30 percent between 2010 and 2013, while hybrid sales did even better, posting a 64 percent jump for the same time period. On U.S. roads today, the diesel population stands at 7 million vehicles and the hybrid count comes in at [...]

Best Used Hybrids: The ‘Official’ List


Shopping for a used hybrid vehicle has gotten much easier in the last couple of years, but choices are diverse and can at times be confusing. So, for those in the market, consider what the experts pick. In no particular order, nearly every major listing of ‘best used hybrids’ contains the following vehicles: Chevy Volt, [...]

Chevy Volt on ‘Best Used Cars for Grads’ List


Forbes magazine has chosen its top 12 used cars for recent college graduates. In addition to some predictable picks among the dozen, the only green car to make the cut was the venerable Chevy Volt. Forbes based its choices on a host of practical factors like reliability, safety, value and overall cost. The magazine praised [...]

CNG Bi-Fuel Impala: Price, Specs Revealed


GM has announced that it will sell a bi-fuel Impala for the 2015 model year. The car, which runs on gasoline and natural gas (CNG), will carry a sticker price of $38,210, compared to the standard Impala, which sells for about $10,000 less. The V-6, 3.6-liter bi-fuel car features a trunk-mounted CNG tank that provides [...]

Volt-Leaf Sales Race: April Update


Official April figures for Nissan Leaf show a monthly total of 2,088 sales, compared to Chevy Volt’s 1,548 units. That marks the sixth straight month that Leaf has outpaced Volt, the 2013 winner of the head-to-head competition between two of the best-known “green” cars in the U.S. For 2014 to date, Leaf has recorded 7,272 [...]

Chevy Cruze Earns ‘Diesel of the Year’ Honors


Readers of an influential automotive periodical, Diesel Driver Magazine, have voted the Chevy Cruze Diesel best diesel vehicle of 2014. The car snagged 59 percent of the 11,030 votes in the survey. Diesel Driver pits competitors against each other annually, with this year’s elite contenders vying for the top spot. Besides Chevy Cruze, voters selected [...]

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