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Denza EV Unveiled at Beijing Show


Boasting a range of 186-miles-per-charge, the Daimler-BYD Denza EV made its debut at Auto China (Beijing Auto Show) today. BYD is known for its battery engineering expertise, while Daimler is a car manufacturer with more than a century of experience. The partnership is manufacturing the cars through its joint venture entity, Shenzhen BYD Daimler New [...]

China’s New EV Surprises Market Analysts


Official sources in China are reporting that BYD Auto Company’s Qin is the top-selling plug-in car in the nation. Qin (pronounced like the English word “chin”) is a dual-mode EV that features a turbo 1.5-liter gasoline range-extender engine with 300 horsepower. Analysts believe the car will continue to sell briskly throughout the rest of this [...]

Chinese EV Coming to U.S.


Chinese carmaker BYD will sell its e6 electric car to U.S. fleet buyers, but not to individual consumers, the company has announced. The Chinese city of Shenzhen has agreed to purchase a fleet of electric taxis and buses from the company, which only recently cut back its assembly of gasoline models. The automaker still produces [...]

China’s Big Decision on Electric Cars

BYD electric car

The China Daily newspaper has revealed that the nation’s State Council will provide generous financial incentives for consumers who purchase electric and hybrid cars. The official government goal is to place five-million alternative fuel vehicles on China’s roads within the next eight years. The incentives will also be offered to producers, as China’s government goes [...]

China’s Electric Cars Usually Have 3 Wheels

A 3-wheeled EV in China

The predominant trend in China these days is toward three-wheeled electric cars, which the government officially licenses as motorcycles or bikes. With a top speed of just 20 mph, the micro-cars are essentially covered, electrified bikes. But in an extremely crowded nation where urban centers are chronically congested, the tiny three-wheelers seem to fill the [...]

First Plug-In Hybrid Reborn

BYD Chin

BYD is a Chinese company whose name is an acronym for the phrase “build your dreams.”  Originally a rechargeable battery manufacturer, it has grown in its 17 years to now include an entire automaker company (also BYD).  Utilizing the technology and components from the parent business, BYD has turned out the first plug-in hybrid and [...]

Hertz to Offer EV Rental in China

Inside the E6

Hertz Corporation has announced that it will soon be renting Chinese automaker BYD’s electric E6 from its Shenzhen city location. After that, the rental company will likely bring the E6 to its U.S. retail outlets. One reason the rental firm is making its first Chinese base in Shenzhen has to do with the local government’s [...]

New Math: China+Daimler=Denza

A BYD plug-in on display

The parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, has finalized a deal with Chinese automaker BYD to produce electric cars for China’s market. The product of the joint venture will be called Denza and will likely be shown off at the upcoming (late April) Beijing Auto Show. There are scant details about the car’s look, specs, [...]

EV Sales Take Hold in China

BYD Automotive's FO

After more than a decade of trying, the communist Chinese government has finally begun to see some results from its promotion of alternative fuel cars. A coalition of dealerships, consumer groups, and federal agencies are at last making significant gains in terms of sales of electric and hybrid vehicles. For the government’s part, an $800 [...]

China’s E6 EV Arrives

E6 awaits global distribution

  Chinese automaker BYD has just begun selling its electric E6 car in selected urban markets this week, with the national government offering up to $20,000 in subsidies for the pricey $60,000 car. Featuring a 180-mile range and a top speed of 85 mph. BYD looks to the E6 as an economic renaissance for its [...]

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