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It’s Back: ‘Original’ Batmobile on Auction Block


Heritage Auctions is putting the “original Batmobile” on its auction block this week. A U.S. teenager designed and built the car in the early 1960s and later leased it to an ice cream seller who used it to promote a “Batman” line of dairy products. Several years later, the car was sold and eventually forgotten. [...]

‘Best Car to Buy’ for 2015? It’s a VW


The editors at Green Car Reports have chosen the Volkswagen Golf lineup as this year’s Best Car to Buy, an honor that went to Honda Accord Hybrid for the 2014 model year. Coincidentally, the magazine’s readers also chose the Golf in a separate poll. Take a Spin in e-Golf {Video} Take a test spin in [...]

The 12 Secrets for Winterizing Your Car


Many professionals point to the “Big Three” areas of concern for winterizing a car (see video below). That’s great advice. For those who want a more thorough list, the car care experts at USAA mention 12 things to examine as freezing temperatures arrive in many U.S. cities: 1. Engine antifreeze. Check levels and add more, [...]

New Hyundai Hybrid to Challenge Prius?


Hyundai Motor Company executives announced this week that the Korean auto giant would soon introduce a hybrid vehicle to compete directly with the successful Toyota Prius. Until now, Hyundai has been one of the industry’s biggest backers of fuel-cell cars, and will soon offer its first all-electric vehicle. The EV is expected to arrive in [...]

Hybrid on ‘Most Ticketed Cars’ List


A new report reveals which cars on U.S. roads are most likely to be ticketed. compiled the data, which shows the percentage of a given model’s owners who have recently received citations. The Subaru WRX topped the list with a whopping 33 percent rating, which means that about one-third of WRX drivers have been [...]

Experts: Sept. Auto Sales to Rise 10 Pct


Early word from multiple news outlets is that September car sales will post at least a 10 percent increase when compared to last year’s numbers. The entire span of 2014, so far, has demonstrated undeniably strong sales growth, with three of the industry’s big players, Nissan, Chrysler, and GM all looking at gains of 10 [...]

DiCaprio, Bieber Happy Now? Fisker Karma Returns!


Wanxiang Group of China will relaunch the Fisker Karma luxury hybrid-electric car, possibly in time for the 2016 model year. The fresh-faced version will be largely based on the final model made by the former owners, namely the 2012 Karma. Reuters reported that an unnamed source within Wanxiang said the new car will be almost [...]

National Drive Electric Week is Biggest Ever


Thanks to a well-organized sponsorship by Nissan Motors, the ongoing National Drive Electric Week is proving to be a huge success, featuring more than 125 local events all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Running from Sept 15-21, and previously called National Plug In Day, the event works to inform the world’s drivers about the [...]

Has Technology Wiped Out Car Theft?


Experts say high tech devices such as GPS and Smartphone apps have cut car theft rates by as much as 90 percent in some states. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the vast majority of stolen vehicles in the U.S. are 1990s models, which offered low- or no-tech anti-theft devices, and whose [...]

Natural Gas Chevy Impala a ‘Game Changer’


Corporate decision makers at both Chevrolet and Honda have recently decided to devote more research and funding to the development of natural gas technology. Before year’s end, Chevy will begin selling a dual-fuel Impala that runs on both gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). Honda already sells a CNG car, the Civic Natural Gas, which [...]

Mitsubishi Reveals Outlander Plug-In Concept


Mitsubishi Motors will unveil a concept version of its popular Outlander Plug-In Hybrid at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October. The SUV sells briskly in markets where it is available, and it set to come to the U.S. in late 2015. Mitsubishi released a pair of artist sketches of the concept this week, a [...]

Experts Shocked: 2014 ‘Least Stolen Car’ an EV Sedan


New data from law enforcement sources has revealed that the Tesla Model S, an all-electric sedan, is the nation’s least stolen car. In 2013, the trendy EV was unranked, even in a year when there was an 8-way tie for the top spot. Experts attribute the car’s 2014 ranking to its theft-deterrent system, which allows [...]

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