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ZERO’D Muscle Car Wows Aussie Motor Show

Zero'd Muslce Car: As green as can be

The Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) features a rarity this week, a 600-horsepower muscle car that is as environmental as such things can be. Based on the 1967 Ford XR Falcon, this new concoction, dubbed the ZERO’D, has a carbon footprint that is almost non-existent. Hence the ‘zero’ nomenclature. Australian entrepreneur Mick Fabar, a nationally [...]

Trident Iceni Diesel: Good to Go

Trident Iceni diesel car

The bio-fuel Trident Iceni is on its way to the Salon Prive show, where many of the world’s most expensive and luxurious vehicles will be on display. The drive train is able to run on bio-diesel, diesel, linseed oil, or palm oil. Take your pick! The show is held at London’s fashionable Syon Park. The [...]

Questions, Answers about Ethanol Vehicles

Ford Model T, world's first flex-fuel car (gas/ethanol)

With ethanol making something of a comeback (some say it never went away!) among alternative fuels these days, experts in the industry say there are three questions that are most common when discussing the topic. Some of the answers are common sense, others are not, so let’s check in with ethanol supporter Growth Energy, based [...]

GM Plans ‘The Future of Green Transportation’

Denali hybrid

Yesterday, representatives from General Motors and Enterprise Holdings met at the world-renowned Donald Danforth Science Center in St. Louis to map out the future of green transportation as they see it. The two corporate giants are no strangers to the concept of alternative fuels or transportation, having become leaders in their respective businesses. Specific topics [...]

Alternative Fuel Service Stations, At Last

Guess who already uses flex-fuel?

One of the challenges for the alternative vehicle movement has been the lack of service stations, not just for electric cars but also for flex-fuel, diesel, biofuel, and other types of cars and trucks. One company, Propel Fuels, is attempting to change that situation, in the hopes that there will be an abundance of such [...]

NASA’s OMEGA Project Could Change Biofuel Forever


NASA is hard at work at newer and better ways to advance the level of technology on this planet.  And what they’ve cooked up most recently could resolve more than one problem simultaneously.
Imagine a system that could capture carbon dioxide, prevent pollution from wastewater, all the while creating renewable algae biofuel, fertilizer and possibly animal [...]

Indy’s Big Decision: Ethanol

Ethanol race car

The Indianapolis 500 organization has officially announced that this year’s race fuel will be green, as in ethanol. While most of us do not think of cars that get three mpg, on a good day, as environmental wonders, the decision is having an impact already. Because of the event’s size and popularity, ethanol fuel could [...]

Bank, Researchers Strike Algae Biofuel Deal

An algae-mobile

An innovative algae biofuel project that is set to start up in California has been put into motion. This week, a major investment-banking firm, Regus Advisors, Inc., inked a formal agreement to work with biofuels corporation Algae International Group, Inc. The investment firm will be aiding AIGI with a $2 million limited partnership project called [...]

World’s Fastest Car Uses Biofuel

The Koenigsegg Agera R

One of the biggest stars at the recent Geneva Motor Show was not a Hollywood celebrity, though many were in attendance. All eyes were on the world’s fastest car, the Koenigsegg Agera R, which reveled in all its glory as throng after throng marched by to gawk, drool, and otherwise pay tribute to the swiftest [...]

El Camino Runs on Wood Chips

Board meeting? A converted wood-powered car

Cars and trucks that run on wood have been around for a very long time. During the 1940s, Europe saw over a million wood-powered cars on the road due to stringent oil rationing during the war years. After the war, wood cars virtually disappeared. Now, a few eager-beaver hobbyists are resurrecting the technology, improving on [...]

Algae Biofuel Excites Researchers

Biofuel bus that runs on soybeans

The film link below provides a comprehensive and interesting overview of algae as a biofuel, a subject that excites researchers who are engaged with efforts to create alternatives to fossil fuels. The cause was given a boost recently when President Obama pointed to algae as one of the more promising sources of future energy supplies, [...]

Bio-Diesel Rocket Car Demo

Bio-Diesel Rocket Car Demo

File this video of a bio-diesel rocket car demo, in the category, “slow start, very fast finish.” Obviously pandering to the crowds near the start line, the driver of this incredible rocket-like dragster tests out the jets before revving up and heading for the finish line, a mere quarter-mile away. Fueled by B100 canola bio-diesel, [...]

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