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EV Sales Growing Exponentially


According to the latest data, global sales of electric cars have doubled each of the last three years, with more than 400,000 of the vehicles on roadways around the world. Scholars at a German think tank predict that the total could surpass the 1 million mark within two years. The Center for Solar Energy and [...]

Tesla’s Big Win in the Big Apple


Tesla Motors has scored a huge victory in the state of New York. The EV maker has received the legislative green light to keep its five stores open, and new laws will seal the deal for the longer term. In what looks like a “battle of the governors” between New York and New Jersey, Tesla [...]

Wireless EV Charging Tested by Toyota


Toyota is experimenting with a new EV charging system that lets cars replenish their batteries without plugging in. By parking over a special coil, an electric car can recharge its battery and drive off several hours later with a fully loaded pack. The resonance charging method is one of the Japanese auto giant’s plans for [...]

Breakthrough: New EV Cord Could be Game Changer


AeroVironment, a company that makes a range of EV accessories, has developed a portable charger that is completely adaptable and, according to the company, faster than typical plug-in systems. Called the TurboCord, AeroVironment’s product can be plugged right into a wall socket, adapts to either 120 or 240-volt outlets, and replenishes batteries three times faster [...]

Classic EVs Could Replace Horse Carriages in NYC


The Mayor-elect of New York City, Bill de Blasio, said this week that the era of horse-drawn carriages in the Big Apple is “over.” In case anyone doubted his intentions, de Blasio added, “We are going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period.” Almost instantly, various interest groups began encouraging the new administration to [...]

2016 Chevy Volt: 200 Miles per Charge?


In a recent interview with a major business publication, GM CEO Dan Akerson said that General Motors intends to create a plug-in, range-extender car that can travel 200 miles on a single charge. If that car is the 2016 Chevy Volt, as many expect, it will also have a surprising price tag. Akerson noted that [...]

Leaf Battles Volt for Female Buyers


New data suggests that the Nissan Leaf is winning the battle for female customers when compared to its arch-rival Chevy Volt. The Japanese maker of the all-electric Leaf has seen its female buying demographic double in just one year. Now, about one-third of Leaf purchasers are women. The Chevy Volt extended-range electric car posted a [...]

Hybrid Battery Breakthrough on Display at SEMA Show


The Hybrid Shop (THS), a national network of dealers who service hybrid vehicles exclusively, has announced that it will exhibit a breakthrough technology for conditioning hybrid battery units. The company will show off its technology at the upcoming SEMA Show next week in Las Vegas. The event runs from Nov. 5 through Nov. 8. Hybrid [...]

Tesla Motors: Electrifying News


Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk announced this week that his company’s Model S would be tweaked in order to handle the long distances and high speeds of Germany’s Autobahn highway system. By 2014, Germany will have more Tesla Superchargers per capita than any other European nation, according to Musk. The Model S will be able [...]

Battery Prices Ready to Drop?


At The Battery Show in Michigan this week, auto industry leaders predicted that lithium-ion battery costs would decline by as much as 50 percent by the year 2020. Prices of the cells, which power electric and hybrid cars, are already on a downward path. Representatives from LG Chem Ltd. and Johnson Controls warned that price [...]

Will GM Challenge Tesla Motors?


GM announced this week that the company was working intensively on a 200-mile range EV to be priced at or near $30,000. Considered by many to be a response to the success of the Tesla Model S, GM officials have not said when the car will go on sale, noting that battery expense is one [...]

GM Cuts Chevy Volt Price


General Motors announced this week that it would cut the price of the Chevrolet Volt by $5,000. As it stands, the 2013 model still carries a sticker of $39,995 but offers $5,000 cash back at purchase. For 2014, the sticker will be reduced to $34,995. In addition, depending what state buyers reside in, they can [...]

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