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Battery Breakthrough Could Triple EV Range


A battery expert from MIT and a fellow scientist have come up with an inexpensive battery pack that could be a game-changer for the electric vehicle market. Dr. Qichao Hu created the device with MIT’s Donald Sadoway. If the project is successful, the new battery could triple the range of a typical EV, and lower [...]

Oct. Car Sales Up, EV Sales Surge in Calif., Ga.


All official numbers are not yet in, but industry experts predict that October will log a 6 percent increase in vehicle sales in the U.S. The big winners are Chrysler and Nissan (maker of the all-electric Leaf), both of whom will be posting impressive growth rates. Nissan sales are up 11 percent while Chrysler saw [...]

Tesla Wins Again: Lowest ‘Price-per-Range’ Ratio


According to a recent study by MojoMotors, the Tesla Model S offers the greatest range per dollar of price among all electric vehicles. The rankings were created by simply dividing each car’s list price by its miles-per-charge, or range. The Model S “costs” about $301 per mile of electric range, while the Chevy Spark EV [...]

Tesla Gigafactory Decision: It’s Reno!


Tesla Motors announced today that it would build its massive new battery facility in Reno, Nev. The state offered the carmaker at least $1.2 billion in financial incentives that will effectively allow Tesla to operate tax-free for an entire decade. Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that, “This is not just about incentives,” and applauded Nevada [...]

Breaking: Nissan Leaf Range 186 Miles by 2016


International media sources are reporting that Nissan will release a revamped Leaf electric automobile that features a fresh exterior design and a 186-mile range. When the new model goes on sale in late 2016, it will likely carry a sticker price of around $28,000. The longer range is due to Nissan’s recent efforts at making [...]

Battery Co. Sakti3: A 480-Mile EV Will Happen


The founder of Michigan-based battery maker Sakti3 announced this week that the company would manufacture solid-state lithium packs that could double the range of a typical electric car like the Tesla Model S. An affiliate of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, a division of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Sakti3 researchers believe that [...]

Formula E Set for Sept. 13 Beijing Debut


Formula E racing is set to begin its debut season on Sept. 13 in Beijing, China. Race officials disclosed that BMW would utilize Qualcomm Halo wireless charging to replenish battery packs on the event’s pace cars. BMW will have four pace vehicles at the historic race, which features drivers in all-electric, single-seat vehicles. Ten teams [...]

Volkswagen, SunPower Join Forces for Solar Driving


The second-biggest solar manufacturer in the U.S., SunPower Corp., is teaming with Germany’s Volkswagen AG to show consumers how to make driving a truly green experience. Volkswagen will soon begin promoting home-based solar systems through its dealerships. SunPower makes a set of rooftop panels that can collect and supply clean electricity for a plug-in car’s [...]

‘Secret’ Plan for Chevy Sonic EV?


If industry buzz is correct, Chevrolet is seriously considering an all-electric Sonic for its 2016 lineup. Currently, Chevy sells the Spark EV, Volt EREV, and Cadillac ELR, which is also an extended-range EV. Battery-maker LG Chem manufacturers the lithium-ion packs for Volt and will presumably do the same for the prospective Sonic EV, a car [...]

Will Tesla Gigafactory Go to Calif.?


A Tesla Motors official has said that California has “caught up” with other states who are candidates for Tesla’s massive battery plant and its attendant 6,500 jobs. California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will provide generous property tax credits to Tesla should the gigafactory end up on local soil. The facility will [...]

Three Carmakers Eye EV Charging Standard


Nissan, BMW and Tesla have jointly announced that the three carmakers are working together toward a unified EV charging standard. Most industry analysts think that a single charging protocol will help global sales of electric cars. Nissan’s Leaf and Tesla’s Model S, for example, are unable to use each other’s charging stations without expensive adapters. [...]

New EV Battery Charges 20 Times Faster


A Japan-based engineering firm is producing an electric car battery that is safer, more powerful, and more durable than those currently on the market. Said to recharge twenty times as quickly as lithium-ion packs, the dual-carbon batteries, as they are called, were designed by a Kyushu University engineer. How it Works: Video View the clip [...]

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