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EV Owners Opting for Solar Homes


More than a half-million businesses and homes now have solar power installations that gather energy from the sun. Owners of electric and other types of plug-in vehicles are increasingly choosing to install solar energy systems on their rooftops. In most cases, the systems employ large panels, but newer options include solar roof shingles. Home solar [...]

Natural Gas Chevy Impala a ‘Game Changer’


Corporate decision makers at both Chevrolet and Honda have recently decided to devote more research and funding to the development of natural gas technology. Before year’s end, Chevy will begin selling a dual-fuel Impala that runs on both gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). Honda already sells a CNG car, the Civic Natural Gas, which [...]

Calif. Emissions Down, Thanks to EV & Hybrid Cars


Fresh data from Next 10, a non-profit that studies auto emissions and energy consumption, shows a direct connection between increased hybrid car sales and lower pollutants in California. In fact, the state’s overall auto registrations went up by just 1.5 percent between 2011 and 2012, whereas hybrid and EV registrations increased by a whopping 16 [...]

What Green Fuel Does Wall Street Love?


Several financial media sources this week noted that one energy sector in particular is outperforming others by significant margins. Fuel cell company stocks have witnessed a 138 percent rise in 2014 after years of low growth and flat investment. One reason for the surge seems to be the possibility of fuel-cell vehicle development between now [...]

EVs to Rev Up Stock Market, Experts Say


Wall Street gurus have recently been opining all over the Internet and print media about the near-term future of automotive technology. The collective wisdom of the financial media sees the rest of this decade as a booming time for hybrid-drive cars and trucks. As for pure-electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, pundits and experts look [...]

HOV Stickers in Calif.: Going, Going, Gone


The state of California is running out of green HOV stickers, and many people are wondering what will happen to hybrid owners who apply for one after the limit is reached. California issues green stickers for hybrids and white stickers for all-electric vehicles, but the state limits the green HOV passes to just 40,000 car [...]

Hyundai’s Fuel-cell Intrado a Surprising Stunner


Hyundai’s latest version of the fuel-cell ix35, known as the Intrado, will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next March. The crossover takes its name from the world of aviation, intrado being the technical word for a wing’s underside. The concept to debut in Geneva is expected to be much lighter and smaller than [...]

Clean Diesel Vehicles Gaining Market Share


A study by the Fuels Institute, a non-profit research organization and think tank, has found that diesel vehicles will build considerable market share between now and the early 2020s. Though alternative fuels like electricity and E85 will also enjoy increased popularity, gasoline and diesel will likely dominate the choices for at least a decade. The [...]

Car Challenge Rates Popular Diesels and Hybrids


Motor Trend recently conducted an extensive comparison of five popular diesel and hybrid cars, measuring each on a wide array of parameters. Volkswagen’s Jetta Hybrid and Jetta TDI, Honda’s Civic Hybrid, the Chevy Cruze Diesel and the Toyota Prius were participants in the evaluation. The publication’s testers ranked the Jetta TDI at the top of [...]

Bi-fuel Impala Ready by 2015


With hopes of selling at least 1,000 units the first year out, GM has announced it will sell a 2015 Impala that is able to run on either gasoline or natural gas. Boasting a total range of 500 miles, the car will be able to drive 150 of those miles on compressed natural gas (CNG) [...]

The Top 5 Most EV-Friendly Cities


Recent survey data shows that more than 50 percent of all plug-in vehicles sold in the U.S. end up in just five metropolitan areas. R.L. Polk’s wide-ranging consumer surveys revealed that San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Atlanta are the cities that love plug-in cars the most. Polk’s research defines “plug-in” as any [...]

Ford to Offer CNG Kit for F-150


Ford Motor Co. has announced it will sell a compressed natural gas (CNG) prep kit for its upcoming 2014 F-150 pickup. Currently, there is no other half-ton truck that offers a CNG option for sale in the U.S. The kit will come as an option on the V6, 3.7-liter, and will allow the vehicles to [...]

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