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Audi F12 EV: Ultimate Sports Car

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Audi F12 EV

Audi F12 EV

Audi has announced that its three-year-long research project to develop a significant advancement for electric mobility has concluded. The company says that the fruits of that project are a multiple-module tech platform, which has been built into the new F12, what some are calling the most advanced electric vehicle in the world. The so-called eSport version of the new platform is inside the F12, which features a hardened block with a collision resistant exterior and a 38 kWh electric capacity.

Audi F12 EV: Video

The highly informative video clip below shows what Audi’s e-performance research project has been up to. The most significant result of the engineering think-tank project is a modular component system for electric cars. The F12 features the very latest in EV-related research concepts, and was partly sponsored by the German education ministry. The exterior of the F12 is almost identical to the Audi R8, which will be in showrooms by late 2012. The video animation walks us through the major electrical components of the car, providing detailed descriptions, and visuals, for each part of new F12.

Audi F12

The prototype has three completely separate electric motors, one in the front and two in the back. When the car operates at low speeds, only the front motor is activated. A state-of-the-art heat pump can store heat in the batteries for future use, to heat the car’s interior if need be. The system also regulates the batteries’ internal temperatures.

Nearly every operational function is controlled via a tablet computer console, itself removable, which is situated on the vehicle’s main console. Audi hopes to learn from the F12’s development, and will likely use many of the car’s features in various future models.

For more about Audi vehicles, see the company’s official U.S. website:

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