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Audi e-tron EV to Star in ‘Iron Man 3′

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Audi A3 e-tron

Audi has announced that its R8 EV will once again star in a major Hollywood film. As it did in Iron Man 2, the R8 will play a prominent role in the upcoming Iron Man 3, which arrives in theaters in early May. Iron Man himself, Tony Stark, will drive the e-tron version of R8 in the latest installment of the ultra-popular serial drama. This time around, Stark’s romantic interest, Pepper Potts, will also pilot an Audi, in her case the S7.

Audi R8: Video

For those who missed it, above is the official commercial from Audi which featured its R8 supercar, the V10 Spyder. Though the ad only provides very short glimpses of the main characters, many reviewers have said the car was as much a star of the film as Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. Downey’s Tony Stark plays a wealthy man-on-the-run who is trying to keep the secret of his body armor suit from government agents. Paltrow is CEO of Stark Industries. She is also Tony’s best friend and potential love interest.

Fresh from its appearance in Transformers 2, Audi’s R8 was well prepped for its star turn in the Iron Man series. Created by one of the company’s subsidiaries, Quattro GmbH, the R8 looks a lot like another famous vehicle, Lamborghini’s Gallardo. Note: Audi AG Corporation happens to be the owner of Lamborghini, so the resemblance is not coincidental.

Audi e-tron

The Audi R8 e-tron is still officially a prototype, but many industry-watchers claim the car’s high-profile film roles are a hint that it will someday go into production. The Iron Man-mobile Audi is perhaps second in movie-car fame only to the Back to the Future car, a DeLorean, which catapulted to celebrity status with its role in the cult film which starred Michael J. Fox.

For more about Audi vehicles, see the carmaker’s official corporate website:

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