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Audi A3 Plug-In Headed to Geneva

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Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid car

Audi will show an electric-hybrid plug-in car at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. No word on production plans, price, or proposed market coverage, but the company has revealed some preliminary specs on the A3 plug-in. Equipped with a 204-horsepower engine system, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 138 mph, and does the zero-to-60 run in 7.5 seconds. Like several EV models already on the market worldwide, the A3 plug-in can travel just over 30 miles on electricity, and reach 81 mph on battery power alone.

Audi A3: Video

For an interesting look at the Audi A3, and to hear directly from the company why they think an electric Audi is positioned better than similar cars in the market, view the short video clip below. “It’s the wrapper,” notes the Audi company spokesperson, who points out that consumers will, in the long run, drift toward the best product among many. While several large automakers already have competitive electric vehicles in showrooms, Audi is being careful to roll out the A3 e-tron, then a higher-end A8 electric, and hopes to have plug-in hybrid Audi in showrooms within two years.

Audi A3

Last year, Audi began a small pilot project using all-electric A3s in the U.S., and has been continually evaluating the data to better lay out a marketing strategy for its soon-to-be EV lineup. For the time being, it appears the German carmaker will begin its electrical quest with a plug-in hybrid, which will almost certainly bear a striking resemblance to the A3 headed to Geneva. From the looks of things, Audi appears to be setting the stage for a sales duel between itself and GM in the plug-in hybrid niche. Though the Chevy Volt has had an enormous head start, the next few years will determine how the competition shakes out.

For more about Audi vehicles, see the automaker’s official corporate website:

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